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    Oct 28, 2013
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Telstra Elite Mobile Broadband USB 21mbit modem
Telstra Elite Mobile Broadband USB 21mbit modem
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The number of betting opportunities on the Internet has exploded over the last decade. As well as the mainstream high-street betting shops going online, we have seen companies grow up as stand-alone Internet services.

The diversity of the sports betting, casino and poker offerings from also increased; part of the drive behind this increase in the amount of companies, has been the improvements we have seen in our broadband connections.

If you tried to play poker online a few years ago, you may have been hit by intermittent connections and slow down of speed during peak periods. This was very frustrating; a real pain in the pocket.

Today broadband is far more advanced. When recession hit in 2008 the online casinos were just starting to bloom. Since that date the average connection speed in the UK has tripled. Most homes these days don’t have problems placing bets, playing poker, or interacting with online casino games.

Indeed, we have seen a splurge of mobile betting apps as well. With the emergence of 4G mobile broadband, we have superfast broadband in many areas of the UK. Although the connectivity hasn’t rolled out fully yet, with it due to hit 99% in 2014, there is still very good connectivity in city centre and major urban areas. As the main 4G mobile operators roll out their connections will be able to bet and game on the go.
Mobile broadband contracts are also getting more affordable. It is even possible to game on prepaid mobile broadband contracts without it becoming too expensive.

Let’s take a look at some of the best offerings on the betting market.

When Betfair hit the market it was a true innovation. Never before had you been able to directly bet on an event happening and against it on the same platform, by taking a position either side. The lay function of betting has been replicated in a number of platforms, such as Betdaq. However, Betfair remains the largest UK site offering this service.

Betfair is also extremely open to third party partnerships. We have seen API links with hundreds of third-party software applications. Racing Trader is one of the most notable.

Racing trader enables you to one click bet on sports events. The interface is set up as a trading platform, providing you with the opportunity to view the price action occurring in the market. It is possible to scalp trade with this software.

Even the web-based Betfair interface is superb. It normally takes around five seconds for bet implementation. You now have both an exchange, where you are betting against other punters, and a normal sports book, with odds set by experts at Betfair. The odds-on Betfair tend to be much better than on other platforms.

The in-play ‘cash out’ functionality means that with one click you can exit a position taking a guaranteed profit. This is really innovative, and rarely seen on sports betting platforms these days.

Betfair has an excellent TV offering where you can watch events that aren’t necessarily being shown on broadcast TV. These streams are good quality and enable you to follow events as you punt on them. Betfair also has a poker system, which is offered through the same platform as the William Hill poker service.

Sky Bet
Sky Bet offers an excellent range of sports betting opportunities. On the Premier league, they have top tips from the likes of Jamie Redknapp. They also have price boosts for certain events. A lot of the bets go in play, so you can have a punt while you watch.

This Sky Poker offering is unique. Every day there are repeats and live shows on broadcast TV, following the online poker community. The tournaments are in pounds rather than dollars, and you get to know the actual personalities behind the avatars. Win a few tournaments, and you can become a Sky Poker celebrity. Makes mistakes and you can quickly come in for justified criticism.

Bet 365
Bet 365 is another very well-known platform. Ray Winston is the main figurehead for the advertising, and is doing a very good job. The platform can be a little bit confusing until you get to know it. Navigating around is not as intuitive as on Sky Bet and Betfair. However, this site does have its fair share of market leading prices, making a nice option.

Check Out Comparison Sites
It seems that no industry these days is immune to the benefits of price comparison websites. There are loads of sites where you can compare the odds on specific events across multiple betting platforms. You can then choose a platform that you want to bet with, and sign up for the best odds.

Through these betting comparison sites you can also often get free bonuses. Sometimes you are offered a matched bonus based on your first bet, and sometimes you will get free money without even making a deposit. It’s well worth looking out for these offers, and trying a few different platforms so you can see which works best for you.

The Internet has opened up a world of opportunities in our leisure time. Broadband is so fast that we no longer need worry about our bets being matched, or our poker game being intermittent. Everything should progress smoothly, as long as you don’t have any problems with your connection in your home. If you are finding a few problems than it’s worth trying to plug-in with an Ethernet cable to have a direct link between the router and your device.

Final Word
Betting is obviously considered by many as a mug’s game. However, many people are making money on a daily basis through sports trading. It’s funny how the Forex market is seen as an established way of making money, although it is almost as unpredictable as the sports betting market. Perhaps it is the time limited nature of sport that makes it less appealing to traders.

We have seen lots of match fixing allegations and prosecutions over recent years. It is clear that many people are making money through sports trading, and there is plenty of money to be made.
If you are going to jump on your broadband and start playing poker, or betting, then make sure you only deposit money that you can afford to lose. Understand your limits and ensure that you are taking a responsible approach to your sports trading/betting.

If you are jumping into a casino online, then the house will have the edge and over time you will not be able to win. Make sure that you understand the clear distinction between activities that have a level of research and skill, and those that are pure gambling. If you have no predictive power then you are at the mercy of chance.

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Phil Turner uses a prepaid mobile deal he found at the comparison site uSwitch that allows him to make instant trades in Forex and would allow him to bet on soccer matches if he wanted to.

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