The Symptoms of Slipped Disc and How to Find the Right Treatment

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    Jul 16, 2014
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The Symptoms of Slipped Disc and How to Find the Right Treatment Photo by Shantanu Sharma

A slip disc can occur to anybody. This injury can affect any vertebrae in our spine, especially in the lumbar or back region. When the disc is ruptures, the gel like substance begins to add pressure to the nerves. This spinal disc protrusion causes the back pain you feel. In this article, we tell you how to recognize the symptoms and the spine disc treatment.

Once you recognize the symptoms of slip disc protrusions, you must treat it accordingly to avoid any permanent or irreversible damage. The following are the slid disc symptoms

• Slight pain to extreme pain in the back
• Pain after you do strenuous activities like bending over
• Sudden pain without any reason.
• A sudden pain which occurs in your buttocks, thighs, legs and feet, normally on one side.
• In  extreme cases, you will lose control over bowel and bladder movements.

The level of pain will vary from individual to individual. You must not wait for a long time before you visit a specialist to diagnose the problem. Once the specialist has diagnosed the problem as a slip disc protrusion, you will have to undertake the treatment for it. There are various non invasive medical procedures that can be used to treat your problem.

The various slip disc treatment can be undertaken to overcome the pain of slip disc

• Get adequate rest, but restrict it to a short time to ensure that your muscles does not get sore and lose their strength.
• You can take muscle relaxants which are helpful to relieve inflamed muscles near the affected area.
• Ice packs and hot packs can relive the pain.
• Light exercise can be undergone to ease the pressure on the nerve by stretching the muscle. Ensure that you do not over do the exercise as it might cause the pain to increase. Take the advice of a specialists before you go the exercises.
• NSAD also known as non- steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs will help reduce the pressure and pain during the process of healing.
• Chiropractic treatments can manipulate the bones and ease the pressure caused by the slip disc
• An epidural injection can be used in emergency situations, under the recommendation of a specialist.
• Regular exercising and activities are the best way to keep the body flexible and supple. This will prevent future possibilities of the  spinal disc protrusions.
• If the pain is extremely excruciating, the doctor will recommend a small medical procedure to either ease the pain, or treat the spinal disc protrusions.

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Dr. Shantanu is a Postgraduate in Sports Physiotherapy and Fellow in Sports Sciences with a total experience of 3 years in treating and managing Sports Injuries and rehabilitation and Spine care for conditions like Spinal disc protrusions and has an hands on experience over Slip disc Treatment.

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