Brighton Osteopathy Freeing local People From Pain

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    Oct 11, 2013
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Brighton Osteopathy Freeing local People From Pain Photo by Osteopath Brighton

Osteopathy is a popular type of alternative healthcare which looks at the complex relationships between structure of the body and its function, focusing on its remarkable ability to heal itself under the right circumstances.

Osteopaths encourage the healing process using a combination of manipulative therapies including touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage as well as giving sensible advice about posture, exercise and various other practical aspects of back health. 

Why you need an expert Brighton osteopath

We all want our bodies to work the best they can. Which means the overall structure needs to work properly. A good Brighton osteopathy expert will help restore your body to a state of balance without drugs or surgery, particularly good news for people with agonising conditions like sciatica and prolapsed discs.

It’s an osteopath’s job to improve the mobility of your joints, relieve muscle tension, improve the supply of blood to your tissues and, most importantly, support your own innate healing mechanisms.  If you’re looking for a good Brighton osteopath, the Sussex Back Pain Clinic has an excellent reputation. They understand fully how a person’s wellbeing depends on the smooth functioning of the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. And they’ve been practising osteopathy successfully since 1990, bringing new life and verve to local people in serious pain. 

How do I find a trusted osteopath in Brighton?

For osteopathy, Brighton is fertile ground. The city has a relatively sophisticated outlook as regards alternative therapies. The Sussex Back Pain Clinic has helped literally hundreds of local people who were unable to enjoy themselves because of back pain. And there’s more. Once you’re free of pain, they will even advise you about the best ways to stop it happening again.

A team of Brighton osteopaths with different specialisms

The Clinic is home to a team of highly skilled, fully qualified, registered and insured male and female osteopaths. This means you can access experts with all sorts of different specific areas of expertise, including sports injuries, lower limb issues, problems with posture, workplace ergonomics, cranial osteopathy, child and baby osteopathic care as well as classical osteopathy.

All this means that if your back problem is particularly complicated, the osteopaths in the practice can quickly and easily collaborate and share their considerable expertise to define exactly the right treatment for your particular issue.

Cutting edge knowledge, equipment and technologies

At the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, the osteopaths make it their business to explore new and innovative methods as they arise, so they can stay at the forefront of spinal treatment. They’ve invested in a very special machine from the USA, an IDD Therapy Unit, offering highly effective non-surgical treatment for slipped discs, chronic back pain and even simple yet painful wear and tear.

They also have a Spinal Mouse Scanner, which delivers a clear graphical representation of how every joint of your spine is moving and makes sure you’re given exactly the right treatment. Plus there’s a range of complementary treatments available including massage therapy, CHEK exercise rehabilitation, metabolic typing dietary consultation and the Alexander Technique. If you need an osteopath in Brighton & Hove, look no further!

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