Harris Tweed: Fabric with Its Own Fashion

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    Aug 17, 2014
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Harris Tweed: Fabric with Its Own Fashion Photo by Jack Jensen

Modern era is the era of fashion and technology. Everything comes here with a specific validity. If a new fashionable thing is launched in the market, the trend of older one will pass away. Fashion can be of any kind like clothing, furniture, home decoration, living style etc.

Prior to mid 19th century, people use hand woven fabric for various purposes which were made from wool. With the progress in textile technology, new types of fabrics were invented and use of former hand woven fabrics was reduced. But some fabrics were continued in use because of their stuff and unique look. One such fabric is Harris Tweed. Harris Tweed is a famous fabric that was originated in Scotland. In the beginning, it was hand woven by the local people, but after industrialization, this fabric was manufactured in large quantity with the help of machines.

Salient features of tweed : Tweed is a rough fabric, which generally gives a dull look of its unfinished surface. It is made up of wool with mixed color strands such that it gives an irregularly colored glance. Harris tweed fabric is very famous in the world for its best quality and durability. It is more closely woven either by hand or by machine.

From Clothing to Decoration : In the earlier stage, Harris Tweed was used for making clothes. These clothes were generally made for outdoor activities or to cover body in harsh winter conditions. But the trend has been changed now, as the fabric is used in various purposes other than clothing. In decoration plans, tweed fabric is used intensively these days. From simple decorative item to the large furniture items, Harris Tweed is in demand. Nowadays, Harris Tweed cushions are the first choice of customers to e-commerce websites while purchasing bedroom items. The cushion covers may be simple in design, but their impressive look makes them unique. Tetrad Harris Tweed is also in demand because of its style, quality and durability. Thus, it is used in the manufacturing of super comfortable sofas and chairs.

Furniture with a great future : The frames of sofas are other furniture items are made from good quality material. Harris Tweed provides an extra comfort with the sofas and chairs. However, Harris Tweed stools of various sizes are available in the market. Due to its marvelous finish, manufacturers started making home and office furnishing items with Harris Tweed fabric.

Demand and Market : With the rise in demand for Harris Tweed products, its market is expanding very fast. The area of its use is also spreading like in Clothing, footwear, decorating items, furniture and many more in the list. Its market is emerging in many nations around the globe and business will also grow at its peak. Many products are in the line to compete with Harris Tweed fabric, but continuous research and improved quality analysis always keep this fabric shining in the market.

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