5 Myths about Leather Sofas and Furniture

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    Aug 08, 2014
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5 Myths about Leather Sofas and Furniture Photo by Jack Jensen

Leather furniture is some of the most misunderstood furniture you can buy. It is not uncommon to see many of the following myths amongst furniture shops in Inverness. In this article, we are going to work with Loch Ness Furniture in Inverness to help decipher some of the myths surrounding leather sofas and furniture.

1.Leather Doesn't Last : Leather is not a manmade product. It is natural, which means it's designed to last for an extended period. In fact, leather comes into its own as it gets older. There are many leather items that have lasted for almost a hundred years. It is one of the most durable types of furniture you can own.

2.It's Too Expensive : Anyone can own a leather sofa if they want to. It is not something designed only for the rich. The fact is a leather sofa in good condition can cost as much as a Harris Tweed armchair, but nobody talks about these brands in the same way. The myth that leather is always the most expensive material you can own has been perpetuated through stereotypes.

Many furniture shops have regular deals on genuine leather furniture, so everyone can afford to own it.

3.The Care is Too Much : You do have to care for a leather sofa, but you do not have to do anything special to care for it. You will not spend any more time on leather sofas than if you owned Harris Tweed sofas instead. All you have to do is apply a specialised conditioner every six to twelve months. This job takes a few minutes.

Apart from that, you would maintain your leather sofa like anything else. Whenever there's some sort of spillage, use a clean cloth to remove it. It isthat easy!

4.Leather is Vulnerable to Kids and Animals : Unless your kids or pets are purposely using the sofa as something to scratch and rip, your sofa is in no more danger than any other type of sofa. A dog that decides to use your leather sofa as a chew toy would damage a fabric-based sofa in the same way.

In fact, leather sofas are known for being able to put up with a larger amount of punishment than their fabric-based counterparts. This makes them a favourite amongst families with young children and pets.

5.Never the Right Temperature : It is important to mention this myth comes from the idea that leather seats are never the right temperature so sofas must be the same. This is wrong. Leather car seats are crafted in an entirely different way to sofas.

A leather sofa will warm itself up using your body heat during the winter months. During the summer, the leather breathes and remains cool. You should always keep it out of direct sunlight though, as this can lead to cracking and can seriously reduce the life expectancy of the sofa.

Overall, leather is one of the best materials you can have for a sofa. Furthermore, it is not overly expensive. Anyone can own a leather sofa if they really want to.

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