Sub-Zero and Wolf: A Refrigeration and Cooking Alliance

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    Apr 29, 2014
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Sub-Zero and Wolf: A Refrigeration and Cooking Alliance Photo by Appliance Doctorx

The newest appliances from Sub-Zero, the leading manufacturer of American-made premium refrigeration, will now be specifically designed to integrate perfectly with Wolf Appliance Inc, the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cook-tops and grills. These two companies, so well known for their cutting edge design and performance, have joined forces to create appliances that are supremely more customer-lifestyle-oriented and energy-efficient.

Sub-Zero and Wolf’s largest ever appliance roll-out comes from its New Generation Series of 60 appliances with top of the line preservation features. This is all made possible via the Control 4 platform, which transforms any home to an eco-conscious abode by zeroing in on the dynamic nature of specific energy needs.

This translates into the fact that Sub-Zero refrigerators, wine storage units and Wolf’s E series ovens with their signature blue interiors and dual convection, can now be integrated into one network, which results in unparalleled appliance-management benefits. In the words of Wolf spokesman, Jim Baake: “These products will be more easily adaptable to a wider variety of kitchen designs. Not only do they look striking, they feature an updated touch-sensitive user interface for ease of control.”

Sub-Zero and Wolf Company Histories

Sub-Zero has been around for almost seven decades. Founded in 1945, this privately held company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is in its third generation of family ownership. Specializing in food preservation, Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of the built-in appliance niche and was the first company to store frozen foods at “sub-zero” temperatures.” Wolf Appliance, Inc was among the first to introduce the convection oven to the appliance marketplace. Located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, both Wolf and Sub-Zero products have outlets that extend across the globe.

The Control 4 Platform

According to Will West, CEO for Control 4: “The connected home isn’t just about consumer electronics gadgets. Every appliance and service should be easily accessed and managed through any touch point in the house. There is no better example of this new reality than this partnership between Sub Zero and Wolf.” Control 4 is an intelligent, open and affordable control solution accessible via a user-friendly software interface.

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