What Causes Gas and Bloating?

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    Feb 21, 2013
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Dontcha Love Prunes?
Dontcha Love Prunes?
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One of the most embarrassing moments you will ever face is an unexpected burst of flatulence. Flatulence is essentially a buildup of gas in the intestines or body. The gas keeps building up, to the point where it must escape the body in some way and it does so by producing gas. In some situations, the problem becomes even more embarrassing because you release a small amount of feces at the same time.

What is Constipation?

Constipation occurs when the body cannot have a bowel movement. Many people suffer from gas and bloating at the same time as the constipation. Constipation is a problem that keeps the body from experiencing a bowel movement. Anything you put into your body must leave the body at some point. The food finds its way into the lower body, where it becomes stool. Before you pass that stool, you might experience gas and bloating. This often occurs as the result of fatty or greasy foods.

The Causes of Constipation

Constipation occurs for several different reasons, including:

• Over abuse of diuretics
• Dehydration
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Introducing new foods to your diet
• Lack of dietary fibers
• Abusing laxatives
• Increase in junk food
• Increase in sugary foods
• Increase in fiber

While fiber is appropriate for constipation, it can also lead to stomach bloating and gas. As you increase your daily intake of fiber, that fiber bulks up the stool and helps produce a bowel movement. This might lead to a problem because you have more frequent bowel movements. The fiber still needs to get out of the body, but because you do not have any feces, you suffer from constipation. You may also want to opt for probiotic supplements. If you, do you may want to learn the basics of probiotic side effects. Learn more.

What about Chronic Constipation?

There is a difference between constipation and a chronic problem, though you might suffer from gas and stomach bloating with both conditions. Constipation is a short-term problem that lasts for several days or weeks and up to several months. If you still suffer from the condition after a three-month period, then you have a chronic case. Chronic cases often relate to poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising keeps the body regular and produces more routine bowel movements. By eating the wrong foods and not exercising, you risk suffering from constipation on a regular basis. Exercise can help reduce constipation and gas and bloating caused by poor eating habits.

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