Gamma Camera & Its Uses

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    Apr 10, 2014
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Gamma Camera & Its Uses Photo by Medicaldevic Store

When it comes to studies using medical imaging, one cannot deny the important role of medical camera in various procedures. In keeping with the huge demand for such imaging in the modern day world of medicine, various types of camera equipment are available these days for performing varied functions. One such option for the medical professionals is the state of the art gamma camera. The function of this camera is that it is capable of detecting the specific radiation successfully.

A study involving the gamma camera is capable of showing doctors the happenings within the patient's body and the best thing about is that these are minimal invasive procedures. Resultantly, one can perform them in either a clinic or hospital. Now the question arises how this process of imaging comes about using this specific camera!

For imaging study, the healthcare professional introduces tracer material in the body of the patient. The function of this tracer material is to emit the gamma radiation. Patients need either to inhale or ingest this material sometimes however the doctor may choose to inject this in the body. Besides, it is also possible to manipulate the amounts in such a way to tag particular tissue types of tissues. Besides this, the doctors may also use them for specific interest areas, such as lungs or the heart.

During this procedure is the positioning of the camera are generally remains above the patient, so the movement of the tracer material inside the body is caught easily on camera through radiation. Crystal present within the head of such medical instruments are highly responsive to the presence of radioactive particles. This produces light burst, which the sensors are able to pick up present behind crystal. Such information forms the basis of image construction by the camera.

Use of a single camera for two-dimensional imaging goes by the name of scintigraphy. Many times one can utilize multiple cameras for generation of 3-dimensional images. PET and SPECT scans utilize such multiple camera procedures for getting the required results. It is possible to position the camera in varied locations around patient. After this, various movements associated with such sophisticated equipment image in series or getting successful 3-dimensional representation from within the body of the patient.

For the doctors this signifies viewing of expansive area at a go for proper diagnosis and analysis of the patient's condition. Medical professionals use the gamma camera for diagnosing different medical issues and even follow-up the treatment course successfully. It is possible to identify various critical health issues with the help of this state of the art technology that has given much scope to the doctors in the modern times. Through proper studies, it is possible to identify such dreaded problems such as congenital abnormalities and cancer.
Surgical instruments and equipment have come of age today and they are presenting a highly competent tool in the hands of healthcare providers. Gamma camera is just one of the options available and now it is up to the doctors to optimize their use.

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