Hope for Nummular Eczema

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    Jan 01, 2014
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Hope for Nummular Eczema Photo by Kevin Clarke

Nummular dermatitis, also known as nummular eczema or discoid eczema, is a skin disorder that affects many people. Sufferers will often have oval or round shaped sores on their skin. The sores will often be distinct and highly visible. They will not always look like obvious eczema sores. Mild cases will look more like a rash until it worsens.

Nummular eczema will often develop after a rash from skin abrasion, a burn injury or a bad insect bite. Instead of the injury completely healing, the skin will develop a mild eczema that can develop into a severe patch or skin lesion that will not heal for months.

As the illness progresses the small spots will grow together into patches of up to 4 inches around. The colors will be reddish, orange or dark brown. They will be quite visible. If untreated, they may ooze a clearish fluid and crust over, time and time again. These lesions are also prone to infection. Staph will turn the sores a yellowish-white. This kind of infection will require a prescription medication to treat.

Natural and holistic treatments are much a safer when curing ezcema as this prevents harmful side effects or allergic reactions. Another great benefit of natural solutions is you can use them as often as you like, for as long as you like.

Herbal ingredients such as Bulbinella frutescens tr. and Aloe ferox tr. work very quick as this soothes and increases healthy, trouble free skin. Other herbs that are highly effective include Melia azadirachta, Sambucus nigra and Stellaria media which provide fast action relief from discomfort itching and reduce common eczema patches. In addition, Asparathus linearis and Galium aparine also prevents infections and reduces scaring on the skin.

Good tips for eleminating the root cause of the eczema:

- use recommended creams on wet skin after bathing or washing skin.
- using warm water when bathing, avoid hot water and use a very mild soap
- Keep skin moisturize throughout the day. Avoid using lotions that do not keep the skin moiturised.
- Stop using detergents, alcohol based dyes, and fragrances in fabric
- wear cotton rich clothing


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There are ways to treat and prevent flare-ups of this illness. More information can be found at The Eczema Solution

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