Lose Unwanted Fat and Inches withFDA Approved i-Lipo

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    Jan 25, 2013
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The OneBode Health and Performance Center is proud to offer a cutting edge genetic weight loss system and a knowledgeable, supportive staff to help you achieve the results you have only dreamed of. We also offer a way to augment our proven personalized weight-loss system with i-Lipo, the intelligent alternative to liposuction.

i-Lipo™ is the latest in laser lipolysis, offering you a way to achieve inch loss, body contouring, and cellulite reduction with no pain, no needles, and no down time. i-Lipo is a system that uses low level lasers for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction and body shaping treatments.

Developed in the United Kingdom, i-Lipo is the first direct skin-contact laser device for fat reduction and body contouring to receive approval by the FDA for circumference reduction of the waist. And this was no easy task. Based on the stringent guidelines of the FDA, a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized study of 34 volunteers was conducted.

Of the 34 male and female participants recruited for the study, 19 were randomized into the treatment group and 15 into the control group. The treatment group received eight 20 minute laser treatment sessions, scheduled over a 3 to 4 week period, each of which were followed by a period of post-treatment exercise. The control group undertook an identical scheduling and exercise program, but using a placebo light diode device. Participants were unaware of their group allocations until after the end of the study. For results to be considered successful, participants needed to achieve a minimum reduction of 1.5 inches from the waist following the standard course of eight i-Lipo treatments.

And the results were conclusively in favor of i-Lipo’s effectiveness: 79% (15 of 19 participants) of the test group achieved and surpassed this reduction, while only 6.7% (1 participant out of 15) of the control group achieved the target. This 72% difference between the groups is more than double what is defined by the FDA as demonstrating a significant result.

This result is extremely statistically significant and gives a confidence of >99.99% that a participant undertaking i-Lipo will achieve a greater circumference reduction than a participant undertaking exercise alone in a 3 to 4 week period.

i-Lipo treatments can be performed on all skin types and body areas where unwanted fat is stored and works best when it is best paired with a sensible diet and regular exercise. Further, exercising after treatments will ensure the complete metabolism and thereby eliminating the freed fatty acids from the body.

Treatments with i-Lipo, combined with your personalized OneBode Health and Performance Center weight loss program of proper diet and exercise, will help you achieve your weight loss and inches lost goals more quickly than you thought possible.

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