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    Jan 08, 2013
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When I set out to go to a game with my team of little guys, I make sure they have nothing but confidence in themselves and in their team mates, but most of all, I make sure they know that no matter what happens, they are out there to have fun. You can never come out and say that, but I try to let them know as well as I can. It was when I started lacking confidence in myself because of my excess weight that I decided to lose weight fast by going to the HCG Diet Clinics near me. That was the final straw, when one game, I almost passed out because of how tired and overheated I was in a day when normally I would have been out and running around with my little league baseball team.

I had always been in OK shape, but this was getting to the point of being ridiculous, and I could no longer even call myself in shape. Nowadays, I needed a helper or two to be able to coach my own team, and my team was not dong as well as it usually did because of it. It showed. My own lack of confidence in me showed in my team's performance, so I went up to all my little leaguers and told them that their coach was going to try the HCG Injections Diet to see if he could regain his confidence and lose his weight.

What happened next is absolutely the finest moment of my coaching career. All of the little guys came running up and hugged me and told me they would all help. While most of the time I had to try to stop them from helping, they also made me get up and start exercising with them and they made me eat the 700 calories I was limited to in healthy things their parents brought or healthy things they made (most of which were inedible, but still amazingly cute and kind). The support I had to be able to get through this rough time was amazing, and I could never ask for anything better.

The reality of it, however, is I know I would never have lost as much as I did were it not for the HCG Diet Recipes and the injections themselves. I was amazed at how well the injections worked, because I had tried all of this before, and seen zero results. The injections pushed my metabolism to a different level, and soon enough, I was running and racing with the kids to my heart's content. The experience was simply amazing, and with the natural hormones found in every injection of the HCG diet, I would have still been sitting on the sidelines and watching my team lose. Now, I am out there helping them win their games, and there is nothing better than seeing their faces after a close win where they all had fun and did their best. I am proud to be able to say that I am the man I want to be now, not later.

Author Info: Coach's do not have room for doubts in their team or their sport. However, when I started to doubt myself because of how much extra weight I was lugging around, I found the HCG diet doctors and decided to lose weight fast and get back in the running.

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