Requirements & Duties Of Surgical Technicians

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    Apr 10, 2014
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Requirements & Duties Of Surgical Technicians Photo by Medicaldevic Store

Surgical technicians are a crucial part of operating room and one of their duties is proper handling of operating room instruments of every kind. While one cannot deny the focal role of surgeons when it comes to performing procedures, they will not be able to ensure optimal results without operating room specialists coming to their aid. Researchers predict that the requirement of these specialists is going to increase to almost 25% by 2018.

Function of surgical technicians

The main action of the specialist is to assist the nurses and doctors both before the performance of surgical procedures and during the post-phase. For example, they may sterile equipments and ensure their proper working. They also sterilize incision sites for preparing patients and transport individuals to operating rooms.

Also, during surgery the crucial job is to keep all the instruments for the surgery handy and pass them on as or when required. Other functions include preparation of specimens needed for lab analysis, cutting sutures, and application of dressings. Counting equipments in the surgery room such as needles and sponges for proper disposal later is another important function.

Becoming surgical technicians

Those who want to choose the career path of being surgical technicians have to undergo appropriate training programs, which are mostly two years in duration. However, many others take only nine months to complete successfully. Such programs are on offer from occasional schools, hospitals, community colleges, junior colleges, military branches, and universities. Such subjects cover wide range of topics including sterilization techniques of surgical instruments, medical terminology, professional ethics, pharmacology, and surgical procedures. You may win a certification, diploma, or degree after the completion of such courses.


With competition increasing in every career path these days, it is quite natural that surgical technicians also have to go for specializations in specific fields to remain viable. It ultimately depends upon your choice with many times focus being on complex procedures as liver or neurosurgery. Highly qualified surgical technicians dealing with Storz instruments or other top-notch brands may sometimes even work as first assistant to surgeons during the procedure.
Career opportunities

After completion of training in the field of surgical assistance, successful candidates can find a host of opportunities in various healthcare scenarios. Most of the established medical establishments prefer to employ certified technicians can do a prior experience in the related field are always preferred. Of those who complete the course, 71% of all successful candidates get absorption is across different hospitals. Others work for dentist or physician offices where they perform different outpatient procedures. Private scrubs are specialized surgical technicians directly employed by surgeons for working with specialized teams taking active participation during surgical procedures. Finding fantastic employment opportunities is not difficult for qualified candidates and, naturally, this makes for a bright and rewarding career path for many. After all, surgical technicians are crucial part of operating room procedures can have an important role to play in successful surgeries.

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