Kama Sutra and the Penis Pleasure-Enhancing Tips and Tricks

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    Feb 05, 2013
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Kama Sutra and the Penis Pleasure-Enhancing Tips and Tricks Photo by John Dugan

It is no secret that men often feel pressure to perform well sexually, and pleasure is the hallmark of any sexual encounter. It is no surprise, then, that people continue to turn to the Kama Sutra for different and exciting ways to improve their love life. Often considered the foremost authority on sexual pleasure, the Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text. Over the centuries, millions of men and women looking to spice up their romantic encounters have enjoyed experimenting with the various positions and techniques detailed on the pages of this two thousand year-old relationship manual. With an appropriate penis health care regimen that includes treating the skin with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, men can enhance their penis sensitivity, making sexual encounters even more enjoyable.

Try these three pleasure-packed positions to improve the sexual experience for both partners.

The Crab on its Back This position is especially suited for those desiring deep penetration. To get into this position, the woman lies on her back on the bottom corner of the bed. Only her upper back is on the bed, while her legs hang over the bed and her feet touch the floor. The man stands over her to penetrate her open legs, the women then tucks her knees up towards her back, thus resembling a crab on its back. The man may be eager to thrust in this stimulating position, but too vigorous of a motion can cause pain to the women due to the deep nature of this position. However, being cautious and maintaining open communication can create a highly enjoyable experience for both partners.

The Lotus The lotus position allows for an intimate connection between partners during love making, while still affording a great deal of pleasure. The man sits cross-legged on the bed while the woman mounts him and wraps her legs around his waist. This position puts the man in control of the thrusting by placing his hands on her hips. The man is also in prime position to caress his partner’s breasts and engage in intimate eye-contact and kissing throughout the session. The Scissor Try the scissor position for an interesting twist on the same old bedroom moves. To execute this position, the woman lies on her back on the edge of the bed while the man kneels at the edge of the bed facing her. The man then gently lifts and spreads her legs out in a scissor fashion, gently grasping her by the ankles. He then penetrates her from the kneeling position; pillows can be placed under her hips to achieve the most comfortable positioning possible.

Maximizing Penis Stimulation The Kama Sutra enhances the passion and sensation of the sexual experience through its use of intimate positions and gentle, prolonged movements. This experience can be further enhanced by ensuring the penis is in tip-top condition and healthy.

A healthy penis receives adequate oxygen through increased blood circulation, allowing for more enjoyable, sustained erections; proper oxygenation of the penis also promotes healthy nerve cells, helping to ensure a pleasurable sensory experience. A high-quality penis health crème (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamins, minerals and powerful amino acids can help improve blood flow and circulation to the penis, while at the same time improving nerve functioning and enhancing overall penis sensitivity. Using a penis cream daily can help maintain the health and functioning of the penis and improve the overall sexual experience. When used in conjunction with the Kama Sutra moves outlined above, maximum sexual arousal and enjoyment can be reached, creating a more intense experience for both partners.

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