How to Make a Trip with Friends Unforgettable

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    Aug 28, 2013
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Going on a trip by yourself may seem the best thing to do when you’re looking for a relaxing holiday. And yet, after the second day, you will probably get bored and seek some company. The point is that nothing is more fun than taking your friends with you, no matter what the destination is.

Having by your side a diversity of personalities will make everything more interesting, even choosing a restaurant. Friends cannot resemble one another, but they can be inspired and bring up interesting ideas that you may have not thought about. People are different and so is their perception of things, that is why it is said that two brains are better than one.

Be open to any suggestions. As five friends have more ideas than one, be prepared to face a lot of suggestions considering things to do or places to go. Turning your holiday into a great one involves allowing the others to express their own opinions and taking them into consideration. Sustaining your own opinion will lead to arguments.

Act in an altruistic manner. If the majority chooses a certain activity or restaurant, don’t be the negative voice. Going with the flow will make you popular and things will go as planned as long as nobody puts himself/herself first rather than friends. Going on a holiday with friends is supposed to be a lot of fun. Why not make that happen?

Choose a destination that fits all. As you know, not everybody earns the same amount of money or has the same preferences. Friends should all work together in order to find a destination which is affordable for everybody and which has many things to offer, such as beach, tourist attractions and scuba diving lessons or hiking trips, mountain cabins and ski slopes. Caribbean islands or mountain resorts are interesting places to go with friends. Take into account the possibility that your friends may want to do different things during the day. Therefore, be ok with them doing whatever they please.

Be tolerant. A large group is quite difficult to handle, so you have to be patient and try to bring neuter suggestions that will be acceptable for everyone. Friends have at least one thing in common, so don’t be afraid to exploit them. Also, avoiding arguments is definitely better than having them.

Take a lot of photos. Good memories have always been kept through pictures, small reminders of good times. Seize every opportunity and take pictures of your friends laughing, doing unimaginable things or visiting local tourist attractions. Over the years, it will be so much fun to watch them and tell stories related to that particular day.

In a group, it is important to support the connection between its members. That means leaving your interests behind for the well functioning of the entire group. Your holiday will definitely be a great one if you cherish more the moments you have with your friends than the type of food you want to eat or the small misunderstandings that may appear when making a group decision.

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