Planning To Visit a Hot Spring Destination Spa Resort?

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    Mar 11, 2013
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Planning To Visit a Hot Spring Destination Spa Resort? Photo by Ketsiya Claret

Earlier, places with natural hot springs were the option to build destination spa resorts. However, nowadays, beaches, hills or areas without natural springs are also becoming locations for top Destination Spa Resorts.

The most popular spa resorts, though not located near a natural spring will have all the services that the other have. Yet, hot tubs would replace hot springs and this would not offer you the actual experience of a destination spa resort with a natural spring.

A vacation to a destination spa resort, which is built near a natural spring, will definitely have more benefits than the others. Along with relaxation, a natural hot spring bath can offer you so many health benefits and other services as well.

Advantages of Hot Spring Water

So many advantages are associated with a dip in hot water spring. Some of them are noted below:

• It brings up your body temperature, which helps to kill viruses and germs.
• The hot water increases body cell oxygenation and blood circulation, which helps to keep your body toxin free.
• By bringing up the metabolism rate of your body, hot water dips will help your body burn fat easily.
• It helps you relax and sleep better.
• If muscle and joint pains are haunting you, a dip in hot water spring can help to relieve the pain.
• As hot water dips stimulates your digestion it boosts your body with a healthier digestive system.
• Hot water dip in a way also stabilizes the endocrine function of your body.

One doubt that would rise in your mind is - “How can a hot tub bath be any different from a dip in a hot spring?” The answer is that there are several extra benefits you can enjoy when you take a hot spring dip.

• Hot springs have minerals like sulfur, carbon dioxide, calcium and likewise.
• The minerals will help towards the better functioning of your body immune system and also fastens healing of the body.
• The minerals also help to better relaxation of the human body by producing endorphins.
• The negative ions present in these mineral rich hot springs can help towards improving psychological and physical health of the body.
• Along with its remarkable effect on faster healing of wounds, the sulfur present in hot springs can also cure skin diseases like dermatitis, psoriasis and fungal infection.

For Your Attention

Taking a quick dip in the hot spring is the perfect way to start a spa session. This is best followed by a body scrub or body massage.

Even though a dip in the hot springs offers plenty of benefits, there are few things to be taken into prior consideration as a safety precaution.

Before you set out on the destination spa resort vacation, you must confirm with your physician, that you are physically fit to take hot spring dips. In certain cases, hot spring dips are not recommended for pregnant women or people with conditions like high blood pressure, lymphedema and for those under prescription of certain medicines. If you are doubtful on this concern, you should limit your hot water dips to short durations of not more than 10 to 15 minutes.

You must constantly be vigil of your situation in water. If you feel uncomfortable at any instant, make sure that you come out of the water immediately. Also, keep in mind that while in hot water you should drink plenty of water so that you do not become dehydrated.

With all these tips, you should be able to enjoy hot spring dips at your destination spa resort without any concerns.

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