Is it Possible To Get Discount Disneyland Tickets?

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    Aug 02, 2013
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Is it Possible To Get Discount Disneyland Tickets? Photo by Ronald Scott

The recent announcement of raising the price of Disneyland tickets is a blow to people planning to visit the magic kingdom to have fun. This is not funny anymore because this is the second time the management has hiked the ticket prices in a year and the year is not even complete. A single pass for one day, one park is now $87 and it is a $7 increase compared to the last price. The price rise is applicable to both the Disney California Adventure Parks and Disneyland and now the people visiting these fun parks will be paying $21 more than what they used to pay four years ago. Under these circumstances is it possible to get a cheap Disneyland tickets?

Buy discount Passes

Yes, it is possible only if you know the ways how. However it is tough to get cheap Disneyland admission and you will not find any discount announcements in any of the newspapers or magazines you come across every day. However if you can get hold of Disneyland discount tickets then you can hope to save a lot of money. If you are really looking for discounts then you might as well plan your trip in advance. Southern California City Pass would yield you a good discount if you are planning to visit some of the other attractions of the area. This will give you 3-day tickets to Disneyland and one day each for Sea World and Universal Studios and the total amount of discount you will be getting is 30% approximately.

Buy them online

The passes can be bought either online or at the gates of the visiting attractions. If you go through the Southern California CityPASS guide you will find more details about what would suit you the most. Some travel agencies also offer small amounts of discount if you book tickets for Disneyland California travel through them. It is always wiser to book your tickets online and in advance because you are more likely to find discounts through this option. These tickets would be cheaper by $50 than the tickets you get in the gates. The tickets can be either printed on your home printer or received by mail whatever is your fancy.

Look for special discounts

Disney from time to time offer special discount offers on their tickets and you can avail them by booking through online. At certain times of a year the Disneyland tickets are sold at discounted rates and you have to be alert to get them and also plan your travel to California accordingly. This happens usually starting from January to the beginning of the spring and by choosing this period you will be benefitted from Disney discounts. Discount Disneyland Tickets can be had by buying annual passes to Disneyland attractions. You will have to be judicious and alert to pick up these special discounts and only online vigil would help you out in knowing them when they are announced. After all it is still possible to get cheap admission tickets to Disneyland!

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