Social Media as a career

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    Sep 07, 2012
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In recent years money making with social media has become omnipresent and important. Social media is giving ample opportunities to the individual to earn money sitting at home and for the companies to reach massive audience via various social media channels available, while raising money.

Social Media is providing a professional career to the part timers like housewives, students, retired, etc. Social Media can be defined as “a group of internet based applications that build on the foundation for the creation and exchange of user generated content.”For the people who really want to earn money sitting at home can make money with social media easily, as it has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access and also facilitates the communication among the people in network and makes the network communication stronger. Social media is the platform which brings together the retailers, brands, and media business with companies, investors and job finders.

To make money with social media financial advisors are using it for business purpose. LinkedIn is a social site used for researching and pursuing new business prospects.
Social media is serving as a tool for the companies to reach and attract customers and to make money. It gives an opportunity to address the mass. To make money with social media small businesses are using social networking sites as a promotion technique. Even writing abstracts or writing articles is one way in which writers can earn money online. People are also working as social media managers by opting home based jobs for which they have to spend just few hours per week and are making handsome money.  Social networking sites like facebook , twitter , etc. are also playing an important role in bridging up the gap between potential customers and the companies .It facilitates online shopping which in turns generate revenue for the companies.

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