My Treasure Heart

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    Sep 04, 2012
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by Tonette Dandan
God called us in special ways, of different vocations and careers!
He called me to a very special and noble vocation – to mold the future generation – of being a TEACHER…
June of 1993, when I first set foot to the first school where I taught – a small school where discipline and instruction is imposed. Being a young teacher, I was so eager to learn. I wanted to be a friend to my students outside the classroom but a teacher with firmness and with wide knowledge of my subject. I was so idealistic, trying everything – all the techniques and ways to make teaching more effective.
But then after that year, I could not remember anymore if I have given them enough information and lessons my students needed. All I remembered was the times I spent with them, listening to their problems and confusions, playing and having picnics in the park. That was the moment I truly appreciated TEACHING- touching lives and touching hearts…
That was the beginning – every year I kept memories of each student under my class inside my treasure heart. As they leave the school, I will hold on tight to the beautiful memories they left behind. As I checked on my treasure heart, I was amazed to see how beautiful the treasures I kept. They are symbolized with gold, silver, bronze and other precious stones and as I recall the memories attached to it – I will silently smile to my heart’s delight.
For many years in my teaching vocation, I came to realize that I was not the one teaching my students – it is them who have taught me lessons for life. Lessons that forever I can use as I strive to become more patient, more loving, more forgiving….
16 years have passed……..
It’s been quite a long time, I have not checked my treasure heart! How are they now? Some of the stones are in the different parts of the globe, shining bright as they compete for world excellence in their respective careers. From the distance, as their teacher, I will watch them with pride and honor because once upon a time, I spent time with them in my class.
Today, as an experienced teacher, I continued to strive harder to build memories with the young generation, trying so hard to be a second mom to all. But this generation is very different from the past. I know it would be difficult to compare. This generation is a product of little time spent with loved ones, pressures from worldly things and desires and most of all: little time spent with God. I have to be more creative, more understanding, more patient. I have to exhaust all the means in order for them to understand. Sometimes, I can question myself: “Why they can never appreciate the little things that I have done?” “ Why teaching seems so difficult now?”
Is it because they have a lot of focus ? –INTERNET, from YM, Facebook to Youtube and all the gadgets surrounding them: IPOD’s, Cellular phones and digital cameras.
Indeed, this is the battle I have to face!
I will never give up and I will not allow anyone to destroy what I have built for a long time. I will continue to be more prayerful, for this is a battle that not only I can handle. I need the Divine Guidance….
Someday, when it is time for me to retire – I hope I can still see these new stones shining bright and sharing their talents across the globe. And as I will close my treasure heart, I will wear a smile on my face for I have shared in the mission of my Creator.

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