The Tea-rrific Health Benefits of Tea

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    Nov 13, 2012
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Tea is a tasty beverage, enjoyed hot or iced by millions of people every day, in countries around the globe.  Many people may not realize that tea is also a very healthy drink, and offers many benefits for those who drink it.  This versatile drink offers protection from disease, promotes healthy weight loss, and can even be used as a beauty product.

Tea is packed full of a substance called flavonoids, which contain antioxidants, which help the body fight disease and repair itself.  Antioxidants play a large part in preventing the growth of cancerous cells, and they are found in large quantities in teas.  Green tea has very high antioxidant levels, and is thought to be beneficial in preventing the growth of cancerous cells, and also in preventing the development of neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinsons.  Tea also benefits drinkers by promoting alertness, an effect of the caffeine found in the beverage.  This stimulates the brain, and may help with memory.

Those looking to lose weight can benefit from drinking tea.  Dieters who consume green tea daily burn more calories and fat than those who do not.  The drink boosts metabolism and gives drinkers extra energy, which often leads to an increase in exercise and activity.  Many diet supplements  feature green tea extracts as a main ingredient for weight loss.  Because it is a natural, safe tool for losing weight, it has become popular with dieters trying to avoid harsh chemicals.

Tea can even be used in beauty regimes, providing relief to tired, puffy eyes, and to make hair shine.  Cooled tea bags placed on the eyes helps reduce puffiness and dark circles.  A rinse made from cooled chamomile tea can lighten hair and add lots of shine.  Chamomile has also been used to promote good sleep, which helps keep drinkers looking rested and refreshed.

For best results, tea should be consumed without sugar or milk added, although some people may prefer to add sweeteners.  These can reduce the effectiveness of the benefits, and should be avoided.   

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