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    Dec 12, 2012
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For the people who really love the taste of chocolate in as many foods as possible, there is Callebaut chocolate that can come in powder form or blocks. If you want something that reminds you of chocolate but does not have any of the additives that can make chocolate difficult to eat for some people, then you should look into carob chips. These two products are very different in their taste and effects on food, but they are often discussed together because they pose two interesting options to the traditional ways in which people enjoy chocolate all over the world.

Callebaut chocolate is actually a form of chocolate developed by a Belgian chocolatier named Eugenius Callebaut in 1850. Belgium has been a major producer of fine chocolate products for centuries, and this family has been part of that tradition for a long time. The chocolate coming from the Callebaut factory is so refined and so good that it is often reserved for only the best chocolate makers in the world. The family does produce a line of chocolates that is available to the public that is extremely popular. For the people that cannot enjoy the family’s chocolates, or they are looking for something different, there are carob chips.

Carob chips differ from Callebaut chocolate in that the chips occur naturally. When the chips are processed, they can have the same texture and consistency as chocolate, which is why they are often mentioned in the same breath as some of the finest chocolate in the world. The chips have a natural sweetener in them which means that processed sugar is not required to give them a sweet taste. The chips accomplish their sweet taste without any of the stimulants that are found naturally in chocolate. These chips can be the natural alternative to chocolate for many people.

Carob chips are also used in some Middle Eastern countries to aid in digestive problems. While the Callebaut chocolate and these special chips share a common appearance, their differences make them two ends of the same spectrum. The people who cannot eat chocolate for any reason may be able to enjoy the chips and get many of the same sensations that chocolate offers. When people talk about the finest chocolate in the world and a potential alternative to the side effects that chocolate can cause, these are the two products that people will often discuss.

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