Education in USA and UK and in European Countries

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    Jan 23, 2013
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There are many advantages of independent school system. Independent schools offer the choice and diversity. They have a tradition of good examination results, a great variety of sports and extra-curricular activities. The discipline in independent schools is sound and students can develop their talents through various clubs, community service and sport. The classes are small and the atmosphere is supportive. However, independent schools (also known as private schools) have several disadvantages. Some teachers do not require formal qualifications and special needs provisions are sometimes limited. Private schools can be very expensive and very competitive. Besides, they do not conform strictly to educational regulations. Independent schools work with an admissions processes which segregate student population.

Public school education has its advantages. First and foremost, it is free. Students are exposed to more people from different socio-economic backgrounds and they learn how to get along with one another regardless of differences. However dropout and violence rates are higher in public schools. One of disadvantages is the attention the child receives. There are many pupils in the class and the discipline is not solid. Students who attend private schools in the US and UK usually have better examination results and better education and they can enroll more reputable university and find better job. Private schools are very often most prestigious schools.

In all European countries primary education is obligatory. Primary schools and secondary schools are mostly public, but there is an increasing number of private schools which offer pre-school, primary and secondary education. Some of these schools offer education in foreign languages (English, German, Italian, French and Russian). Private schools and universities offer better education. They are smaller in size and able to focus on each of their students. However, they are too expensive and that is why the majority of students cannot afford to go there.

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