Michigan Garden Weddings: Highlights to Remember

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    Dec 21, 2012
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When you’re surrounded by the lushness that comes standard for Michigan gardens, it can seem unbelievable to think that anyone would elect to be married indoors. With Mother Nature as your honored guest, the beauty that is Michigan becomes a backdrop for an unforgettable nuptial event. Forget purchasing hothouse flowers that are out of season or painstakingly assembling bouquet after bouquet. With a Michigan garden wedding, your floral arrangements are provided by the land. There’s no need to feel wasteful about those gorgeous centerpieces that are thrown carelessly away after the vows are exchanged and the guests have departed. Instead, a Michigan garden wedding backdrop is left just as you found it: alive, flourishing, and ready to be guest of honor for the next happy occasion.

Highlights to remember of weddings conducted in Michigan gardens such as the breathtaking garden found on the grounds of www.CastleFarms.com include:

• The metaphor of blossoming life – Have you ever wondered why so many brides feel the need to choose flower arrangements over another form of decoration? Natural beauty of plants aside, flowers represent the cycle of life and the beauty that can come at nature’s best moments. Just as a bride and groom will experience highs and lows in their marriage journey, so too do flowers wilt and perish, only to come back again in full beauty the following season. Marriage is a journey, and the natural progression that flowers undergo is indicative of the road two people take throughout their own lives when they become man and wife.

• The convenience of choosing what is true to the land – Michigan garden weddings aren’t enhanced by the planting of different flowers in order to enhance a color scheme. What exists during the season is the backdrop for the nuptials – end of story. Allowing Mother Nature to make the floral choice takes yet another decorating element off a bride and groom’s “To Do” list, saving them time and expense.

• The extension of the outdoor experience in terms of decorations and accoutrements – Michigan garden weddings that take place in the winter likely include a beautiful dusting of snow over the garden. Taking this theme onward into the indoor reception is simple, as winter brides often elect to keep the theme going with snow-dusted floral arrangements and similar winter decorations. Conversely, the vibrancy of a spring Michigan garden wedding such as one conducted at www.CastleFarms.com nearly begs for corresponding vibrancy in color and decoration. By taking the colors of the flowers and continuing that verdant beauty, the garden wedding truly comes full-circle.

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