Peyton Manning jersey is banned in Colorado school.

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    Sep 06, 2012
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It is hard to believe that a Peyton Manning jersey could be banned any where in America, but in a Colorado elementary school? At first when I heard this story I thought wait there is going to be a punch line. Then I thought well maybe the kid is not a fan of Peyton's and did something to alter the jersey or in some way make it obscene. No it is because of the number of the player that is on the jersey...18.

Konnor Vanatta, an eight year old third grader at Monfort Elementary school in Greeley, Colorado, has been a long time Manning fan. Because of Mannings outstanding record as a quarter back dating all the way back to his college years at the University of Tennessee, most children are. I am puzzled at how banning a number in a school can be justified. I understand that gang affiliation is and should be a concern in our school system. That is a place where in my opinion a number should be encouraged to be used. Seriously how great of a problem is gang affiliation in an elementary school that we have to ban jersey's?

Konnor is protesting this by wearing a number 61 jersey. The number's 13,14,31,41& 81 are also banned due to possible gang affiliation. It is in my opinion that we should encourage our children to have role models to look up to regardless of what number or number's their names represent. I have not heard what Peyton himself had to say about this issue I am sure he is in disbelief as are most American's with any common sense. What's next? I know that gang's are known by colors. Are the color's going to be banned?

Maybe they should pay more attention to the test scores of these children instead of being concerned if they are supporting the local gang members. I mean football player's are a group of organized individuals with intentions of ruffing up rivals. LOL JK. I feel sorry for the parents of this little boy who have to explain the type of system we Americans have to live with on a daily basis. Maybe this would be a good time to talk to our own kids. Stress to them it is something like this that can happen if they do not get an education a become productive citizens and maybe even work in a government position to prevent this type of useless discrimination.

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