How We Can Decide if our Federal Cogressmen and Senators Get COLA Raises

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    Sep 05, 2012
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I'm sure if we were able to vote for a pay raise for ourselves we would not hesitate to vote for a raise not against one.  Well, our Federal Congressmen and Senators representing each of our states can do just that. 

I personally think this is wrong.  They vote to increase their salaries which mean more of our tax dollars will go to them personally!    This can happen whether they have done the job we sent them there to do or not.

Think about the following questions.  How many times in the last 10 years have you received a pay raise?  Were you able to vote for your pay raise?  Whether your performance was rated excellent, good, fair or poor, would you have been given the same amount in your raise, if you got one?  Do you believe all employees should get a pay raise no matter what their performance rating is?

I propose that we be given the ability to enter on our yearly tax filing whether we agree or disagree in giving our Federal congressional representatives from each our states a Cost of Living raise.  We could do this similar to the way we check if we want to donate $1 to the presidential elections fund on our tax forms.

A congressman or senator could only get a raise if 70% or more of the responses on the tax filings agreed that the raise should be given. 

This is a way of telling them we either agree or don't agree with the job each of them is doing.

Hit the in their wallets!  Provide them with feedback!

Think about it.  The voting districts within each state can be changed to suit the majority party in office at the time the voting district rearrangements come up for review.  The lawmakers can remove names from the voting roles for many trivial reasons.  And the list goes on as to how our rights are trampled on.  But, they do want everyone to file their taxes.  So that means we can make our voices heard when we do this mandatory chore.

This proposal may not be possible, but we should have a way to stop our government representatives from getting paid for poor performance.  They also should not be allowed to increase their pay if there is a buget deficit.

So really think about this issue and you may be able to propose other ways of accomplishing the policing of our representatives' salaries.

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