Using Video Conferencing For Streamlining Business Operations

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    Jul 16, 2013
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Video conferencing, as its name suggests, is the process of communicating through video systems connecting users at two different locations. At its most basic, it can be a two-way system, connecting two people via video. However, since setting up a conference often requires the participation of more than two people, multi point conferences are set up. This technology has wide usage for businesses that frequently use videos to avail a host of benefits. For example, it significantly cuts down business travel time and saves extra expenditure. Besides business meetings, training programs are also conveyed frequently through video. Usually, you would need specialized dedicated setup for conducting conferences, but it can also be done via a laptop with facility of constant video capture, a telephone, and a microphone.

Codec based technology

Video conference systems work on codec based technology. What is codec? It is a device that can receive compressed digital codes for both video and audio streams and decode them to be visible on computer monitors and special video screens. The efficiency of a conference is determined by the amount of real time compression of audio and video signals to digital signals. The signals from the source are compressed and sent to the receiving destination, where they are decoded by the codec placed there. The receiving destination simultaneously sends out compressed digital signals to the source. The ISDN and the IP digital networks are used to transmit the signals. Before choosing the conferencing service, you need to confirm the amount of compression achieved and the digital network used to convey the signals. You would also need to verify the type of digital network that is used.

Benefits of the procedure

This medium of communication significantly assists businesses in streamlining their operational flow and save considerably on time and money. Business travel is no longer necessary, given the completeness of the video communication procedure. Participants from different corners of the world can come together within an hour’s notice in a conference setup to conduct meetings. Besides saving on cost, this process also has major sustainability advantage as the carbon footprint of travelling becomes non-existent.

Setting up a web conference is a commonplace procedure. For a successful meeting, it is important to have an administrator who usually initiates the conference. Certain etiquettes also need perusal for a professional meeting. Participants have to ensure that their virtual video presence is not distracting to others. Etiquettes include avoiding multi tasking, muting the nodes when not talking, and choosing a professional background while sitting in a conference. Simple things like not attending calls and not working on the keyboard (except when necessary) need observance.


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