The Importance of Having the Right Airline Pipework Systems

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    Aug 19, 2014
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The Importance of Having the Right Airline Pipework Systems Photo by Factory Expert

One of the most important things needed in many industries is clean breathing air. Without it, the health of employees will be compromised and they could get any number of health problems from asthma and allergies through to lung cancer or bronchitis. Airline pipework systems are designed to deliver pure air for breathing or air for other purposes such as where compressed air is needed.

Compressed air is needed for many applications from spray painting to panel beating and more. In addition, the right kind of air is also needed in places such as industrial dryers and refrigeration. This air must be delivered to its point of egress via a network of pipes that are designed specifically for the site and the job. Without them, the job cannot be completed efficiently.

Often, in factories and industry, air can become polluted with tiny fragments of liquid or solids that cannot even be seen by the naked eye. This is how asbestosis became such a problem without anyone realizing that they were at risk. Breathing air must be clean and free of contaminants, but so must air that is used for certain other processes such as spray painting. If the air for that is contaminated it will affect the quality of the paint and the finish, and destroy that smooth shine that we all love on new cars.

Air dryers have to be used in spray painting, furniture finishing and other processes to ensure that the compressed air is free from moisture. If the air used contains moisture, the whole process can be ruined. In fact, moist air can also ruin expensive equipment by rusting and corroding it.

Rotary screw compressors are much better than some of the old dryers as they are designed to be smaller while still delivering the right amount of air pressure. This means that they can fit into a smaller space, important in many industries. Another advantage is that they are quieter; a big relief to the workers who have to use them - and anyone else in the vicinity.

When the right equipment can be used, the whole manufacturing or industrial process can proceed more efficiently and with fewer problems for those who have to do the work. When there is less downtime for employees, the business can surge ahead and meet all those important deadlines without fail, making it a more successful business. It also makes their bottom line much healthier.

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