Custom Picture Frames: The Wave of Picture Framing in the Future

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    Sep 04, 2014
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Custom Picture Frames: The Wave of Picture Framing in the Future Photo by Jack Maxwell

Picture frames are not just borders for your artwork or photos to protect them. No, they’re more than just that. If you put the whole picture with the frame into perspective, then a picture frame is nothing less than clothes on your photos. If the framing is not done right, the result won’t really be pleasing. But when you have the right finishing, matting, and quality of frame, then it only enhances the picture or art work that is framed.

While you can get a really good picture frame at wholesale rates, you will obviously have to give away something. Sometimes that can be the matting that you’re looking for. Sometimes it can be the material used on the frame. One way or another, there is always a give, but not when you get picture frames ordered. With a customized picture frame, you basically unlock limitless possibilities to how your finished picture will look. You can get a variety of frame materials, mat, glass, and much more in different colours, sizes, and styles.

Artwork or Photo

The first thing to consider when ordering a frame is the picture that you want to get framed. Depending on whether it’s an artwork or a photo, there will be different types of materials required to complement it. For example, if you want to get your gothic artwork framed, then you can have a silver material frame embroidered in whatever style you like. On the other hand, if you want your graduation photo framed, then you can always do with an aluminium frame with a nice mat finish.

Once you have decided what you want to get framed, you should start measuring its height and width. After you have noted down the measurements, look for frame styles that best suit it. For example, a vintage photo will look lovely in a vintage frame, but may lose its charm with a more modern one. Another thing to consider is the colour scheme of your photo or artwork, and the room that will house the picture. For example, a whitewood frame will look elegant with a picture of a landscape. In the end, make sure that the colours are coordinating with other elements in your room.

Mounting Paper

Mounting paper is installed on the back of the frame. It serves the purpose of resting your artwork or photo, and is also known as a backboard. The mounting paper is as important as all the other factors in photo framing. Why? It’s because mounting paper provides protection to your artwork and photos in the long run. While it may not be visible when the frame is finished, it does count a lot when it comes to keeping your artwork or photo intact in the long term.


Matting is done on the mounting paper and around the artwork or photo to create borders beneath the framing. Matting is a fun and easy way to add life (colour) and decoration to your picture to enhance it even more. But then, it can be tricky business choosing a mat that best suits your picture. Mats are generally cut with square, rectangle, circle, heart, and oval windows, and other shapes as well. They also come in a wide range of fabrics, papers, and finishes that can complement your theme. Matting, in simple words, adds charm and protection to your pictures.


Glass is obviously used in frames to add protection to your artwork or photos from dust, dirt, moisture, and other similar things. If you are thinking of placing the picture in a sunnier side of your room, consider getting specialty glass. Specialty glass like UV reduction glass can reduce the UV rays that impact your picture, which in turn improves their lifespan. Glass may even help reduce the glare.


Last but not the least is the frame. The frame will have to be bigger than the picture, no surprise there. But what you’ll find surprising is the variety in materials. You can basically make a frame out of anything, but the common types include wood, metal, and plastic. Within these types, there are hundreds of frame materials to choose from. As mentioned before, frames can be a make or break situation for your picture, so choose wisely, and don’t shy away from taking your time!

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