The Best Scented Candles for Your Kitchen

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    Feb 21, 2013
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Choosing the right scented candle for the kitchen is a difficult assignment. The candle can’t be too strong of a scent and chance hindering the taste and smell of the wonderful meals prepared in the kitchen. It can’t be too pungent or too sweet. It must have the perfect combination of fresh, clean and simple. That is why the new line of scented jar candles, formulated especially for the kitchen from Village Candle is a dream come true.

Inspired by the simple pleasures of country living the Village Candle Kitchen collection has scented candles in three categories; baked goods, outdoors and fruits. The baked good line has everything you could think of to make your mouth water; Carmel Almond Cookie, Chocolate Peppermint Swirl, Baked Apple, Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Stick, Pumpkin Pie and even Maple Butter and Sweet Butter Cream. The baked goods line should be used with caution, since these scented candles are sure to cause some major cravings for delicious baked goods.

The fruits line has sweet and clean scents like Apple n’ Acorn, Vanilla Pear, Sweet Tea, Apple Orchard, Cranberry Orange and Citrus Clove. They are perfect for when you have company over and need a soft, but inviting scent. And finally the outdoors line has fresh scents like Winterberry and Country Pine. These are best for every day use. They are neutral, clean and help to freshen the air from other, less enjoyable odors.

Like all of Village Candles’ products each candle is handcrafted in Maine under strict quality control. They use only the highest quality wax, richest colors and the finest fragrance oils available. Their unique packaging techniques produce a "marbling" look give particular character and distinction to each and every candle. The kitchen scented candles are all presented in apothecary glassware with a modern black lid. This makes Village Candles scented jar candles not only the best smelling, but also the best looking candles on the market.

One unique aspect about Village Candles scented candles for the kitchen is that they are engineered using Village Candles’ unique Dual Wick Technology. Village Candle uses this technology in all of their scented candle lines because it offers numerous benefits including; stronger fragrance diffusion, no leftover wax and no sooting or blackening of the glass. This is another example of the benefit of buying scented candles from a company like Village Candle that prides them self on creating the best candles possible, not just get the largest number out the door.

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