Wireless CCTV: Taking Security to a New Level

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    Mar 01, 2013
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security cameras
security cameras
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During any period of recession, acts of a criminal nature seem to increase. This is especially the case when it comes to theft. Sadly the effect of a recession has meant that many businesses have had to review their security arrangements, often scaling things down a little. This then serves to act as a green light to thieves.

Many businesses have found that they are unable to meet the costs of hiring their own security personnel. However, rather than leave their property at an increased risk to thieves they have opted to install wireless closed circuit television (CCTV) systems.

No Phone Line Required

Essentially these systems will function in just the same way as a conventional wired system. As the name would suggest there is no need to organise expensive writing. This results in a number of key benefits over a wired system:

• Quicker and easier to install
• No phone line required
• Can be moved from location to location

So not only are wireless CCTV systems much more affordable, the fact that they are truly portable means there are likely to be additional costs savings.

Central Monitoring

These systems will deliver instantaneous signals to a central monitoring centre. Depending on what is viewed the centre can alert any existing on-site security, mobile patrols or indeed the police.

A wireless CCTV system is much less vulnerable to attacks. Put simply, this is because there are no protruding wires that can be cut. Many systems will also allow the signals to be diverted to other external monitoring equipment.

Benefits over a traditional “manned” system include:

• Impossible to fall asleep on the job
• Won’t take extended tea breaks
• Operates 24 hours each day, 365 days per year

Proven Technology

Many organisations have already benefited from adopting these types of security measures. One such business is British Rail who has been using CCTV systems to help deter copper theft. Many thieves have turned their attention to stealing metals including copper due to their increased value.

Copper itself is not restricted to being used by rail networks. Pretty much anywhere that electricity can be found, copper won’t be too far away; such are its conductive abilities and you can learn more about how to protect this valuable commodity here.


Being re-locatable is another key benefit to using a wireless CCTV system. Traditionally when businesses relocate it can be time consuming and somewhat expensive to reinstall security systems. However, choosing a wireless system can mean an end to this type of inconvenience.

This is perhaps yet another reason why so many businesses have decided to make the switch over to this form of security surveillance.

Another benefit is that it is possible to use them on short term events. This makes wireless CCTV Ideal when conducting something like a trade show or other off site event.

Most businesses find that security measures are of paramount importance. Wireless CCTV alone has helped the likes of British Rail and Local Energy companies to dramatically reduce the volume of copper theft.

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Security is paramount, whatever industry you are in. However, some industries require heightened protection and that is why building site security is highly sought after. Grant Thomas has been a frequent contributor for Tag Guard and has written many articles pertaining to all things regarding construction and building site security especially on such subjects as the prevention of copper theft.

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