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    Jan 11, 2013
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TermWiki is knowledge based social network for learning, information sharing, and connecting users with common interests. Users contribute terms in a variety of subject fields and languages while, in return, getting credit by having their personal stamps printed on the page. So technically, the more terms a user contributes, the more exposure he/she receives as all of the terms will show the creator information. It’s a great way for contributors to increase their online visibility by sharing knowledge, subject matter expertise in their specific fields. Once a term is taken, it’s no longer available for others, similar to the way domain names work.

Instead of merely creating a profile-based name directory like LinkedIn, TermWiki allows people to actually show and prove their knowledge/skills above and beyond the simple (subjective) descriptions of their capabilities. For example, if you are able to add terms for psychology or biology, those terms will help you to market yourself as a subject matter expert in those fields. This means you must ensure the terms you enter have good quality so they actually help you put in a positive light.

One of the things the site has lacked is a common place where all users come together. The site has always had individual user pages, but those are disjoint pages belonging to each user. The newly launched community page: www.termwiki.com/community, attempts to bridge this gap as it offers active members new opportunities to increase their TermWiki visibility and is a great way to market themselves beyond the usual directory type listings.

Large user images for active members

Active members of the site are now prominently featured on the community page with large images. This allows visitors to easily see who the active contributors are, which in turn helps active members to increase their visibility as millions of visitors from around the globe visit the site each month.

Search for users.

You can search for users by industry fields or language directly with the search bar on the right side column. If you are looking to find a talent or a translator, the new search feature is very fast and effective. The search also makes it easy for you to connect with friends and colleagues that you already know.

Top contributors by language

The more terms you translate the higher your profile will appear on the top contributors list. This is a great way to boost your credential by having potential translation buyers find you easily. More importantly, they can check the quality of terms you translate right there on the site so they can hire you with confidence.

Search by company

TermWiki is so much more than a database full of terminology. It is a place where you can share and chat about your other interests and upload photos of exciting moments in your life. TermWiki is revolutionizing the way we share online information and learn. To search a top company go to the top contributors list and switch to “top company”.


Find out what other TermWiki users are doing by scrolling through the news feed. The feed displays the most recent updates, photos posted and questions to be answered and those that have been answered by other users on TermWiki.

With the new community page, users can be searched by language so that it is easy to find similar people to network, exchange photos, ask each other a question or simply have a casual conversation. Top contributors by language are displayed on the home page below “top contributors” and are listed by language on the ladder, allowing them to occupy their own niche area in the TermWiki community.

Picture Album

Users can construct their own exciting photo album by uploading photos of their favorite pets, musicians, actors, sports stars, personalized artwork or anything they like to personalize their profile for all others to see.

New user listing

New TermWiki members are introduced to the community via the new users feed. You can use this to easily introduce yourself and create new networks and meet like-minded people from all over the world.

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