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    Jul 17, 2013
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As a college student, much of my time is spent writing research papers or studying for exams and I use the power of Google to find relevant information. There’s just one problem, I either find too much material or too little information. On one end of the spectrum, there are extremely descriptive sites where I have to sift through the history, founders, development, category, equipment, objective, etc. And on the other end of the spectrum, there are the not-as-informative sites that define the term in one or two lines. Why is it so hard to find the middle ground? As luck would have it, I have finally found that golden website.

TermWiki, “a social learning network aimed at sharing knowledge and connecting people with similar interests around the world.” Each entry contains a word or phrase, the definition, and some brief background information. Terms are organized by industries so words that have multiple meanings will each have their own page and definition specific to that category. For example, the definition of “ratchet” depends on whether you’re talking about the mechanical device, instrument, Transformer robot, or slang term. With this organization, users can quickly search, read, and understand the term without having to sift through large amounts of information or go on other websites. These entries can also be interpreted into 102 languages and many have already been translated. I found it extremely useful when I was learning a new language or just interested in learning a few key words in multiple languages.

TermWiki also has features that can aid in studying for exams or readings for class. The first is My Glossary, a new function that allows users to store, translate, and develop terms in their own personal dictionary. You can input entries that are specific or relevant to an industry and create a glossary that suits your purposes. You can then invite other users to collaborate and study with you through the website’s innovative and interactive games. The second feature is Term Assist, a downloadable computer application that allows users to search terms by simply highlighting the words. The feature provides a more convenient and efficient way to quickly look up information. Users can see industry-specific definitions, translations, and receive a word count of how many times that term appears in a body of text.

Speaking from a college student’s point of view, TermWiki has been very useful for my schoolwork. It’s a great starting point for any word or phrase you want to learn more about. You know what the best part is? Terms and translations are entered by TermWiki users. The website contains five million terms and counting, all thanks to people who want to share their knowledge with others.

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