How to Drive Local Customers to Bring More Business

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    Sep 15, 2013
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Ownership inscription of the Jesuit college in Seo de Urgel (Spain)
Ownership inscription of the Jesuit college in Seo de Urgel (Spain)
Photo by Penn Provenance Project

A customary practice in SEO is to deconstruct the algorithms through competitive analysis. Many webmasters research the attributes of top websites of their domain, analyze the common factors and try to imitate the factors that they believe fetch them positive impact. This is what most of the webmasters also do in optimizing local SEO.

Using Census Data When Local SEO For Search Engine

The first phase of planning in local strategy involves identification of specific localities that can serve you best. It may be content specifically written for local niche, social media, community engagement, local SEO for Search Engine, off cite citation building, and everything that you consider into local SEO.

Many SEO services use census data, which are important to target local markets before their active social and community promotion. First things are to plan micro-campaign specifically designed for particular cities, countries, towns and even blocks. This type of analysis will give you a clear picture of your target audience and small or area specific businesses.

Demographic guide is also significant to evaluate the language and distribution of your content. Every geographic region has its own distinctive reading style and to analyze the geographic model, you can visualize the potential clients.

Elements You Consider For Local Search Google Maps Optimization

The local search optimization and specifically Google Maps optimization there are various techniques to influence search ranking factor. However, local SEO depends on geographic location, the industry, keywords you are targeting and many other factors. Here are some elements to consider before Google maps optimization:

  • Address – If you want to rank a keyword related to a particular geographic location, it is better if you live there. For example, if you want to rank high on "Portland real estate agent", it's more likely get a higher rank if you live there.
  • Business Categories – Your business should be categorized correctly. It is more important in Google maps optimization than finding your right keyword.
  • Business name modification – If you target high rank through local search engine algorithm, it is better to put keyword as your business name.
  • Citation Quantity – These days Google heavily relies on citations. You need to work heavily on citation, to spread your business name, address, telephone information on the web. Google show you in local maps result if you validate your citations.
  • Complete your Business Profile Page – Just claiming your business is not enough, you need to complete your profile. By completing means you have to provide info like hours, payment options, business description, photos and even possible videos.
  • Traditional SEO Factors – Certain standard SEO factors also affect the Google Maps rankings. For example age of the Place Page or age of Internet domain plays a role in ranking.

The above factors are important but these aren't the only factors. There are traditional as well as new SERP factors that determine Google maps ranking, especially for local SEO. There are factors like which industry you depends on, or where are you located, which keywords you use to optimize, social media promotion, citation and other factors affect the ranking.


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