An Overview of Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

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    Oct 03, 2013
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An Overview of Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne Photo by Shailendra Taku

Indian cuisine is one of the most delicious foods in the world. With a superlative blend of aromatic spices, ingredients and age old culinary style, Indian cuisine has taken a toll on the entire world and has reached across the globe. And when it comes to food in Australia, Indian food has become very popular among Australian food lovers and has established a prominent place in Australia. Rightly hinted by the increasing number of best Indian restaurants in Melbourne, this cuisine shows its high popularity among local foodies.

If you are new in Melbourne and are searching for some of the best Indian restaurants then checking some points may help. But, firstly how would you figure out which is the best one? Well, you have to first check out the suburbs to find Indian restaurants. For this, ask some of your Indian friends who can suggest some good eating place. Then take a Google map or GPS device and barge in the place.

Check list for choosing one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne:

Ambience: An appealing place with a nice and comfortable ambience is the first sign of being the best restaurant! It has to be peaceful and soothing place if not dazzling and happening. It should be a place where you can enjoy your meal without additional noise or sound. Cosy surroundings giving homely feel will be ideal for the home sick Indians who have been craving for the true taste of India. So, check enquire about the ambience and visage of the place.

Flavours: Once you are comfortable with the visage the next thing in line is the taste of the food. Any food place can be thought of as one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne only if it serves flavourful food. Again number of varieties are another criteria to judge the place. Punjabi, South Indian, snacks and healthy drinks like butter milk, lassi etc. are a must in Indian food outlets.

Hygiene: The decorum and cleanliness should be checked beforehand. No matter how delicious the food is, if it is not cooked in healthy conditions or if the place is untidy then you should not choose that place to wine and dine. The benchmark for selecting one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne is the level of hygiene that it maintains.

Price: Check whether the restaurant falls in your budget category or not. If the place with good looking surroundings, tasty food and good environment makes a big hole in your pocket then there is no point going there. Find a place that is affordable and yet provides tasty food else it would prove to be a costly affair.

To sum up, in order to find out the finest restaurants, check out these points and then zero down on the place.

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Shailendra Taku is a Founder of Shavan's Indian Restaurant from Melbourne who loves to write food and restaurant related blogs and tips. He runs authentic and exquisite Indian restaurant in Melbourne that offer best Indian Food Melbourne.

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