Find The Best Vegetarian Breakfast Restaurants in Perth

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    Jan 23, 2014
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Find The Best Vegetarian Breakfast Restaurants in Perth Photo by Ella Methew

Restaurants in Perth which offer breakfast, will often have cooked breakfast items which are the staple for many people's dining experience. However, you need not worry as there are usually a number of options available which will appeal to most vegetarians.

Eggs: Unless your friend is a vegan, eggs can provide a great breakfast option. Be sure to check the menu for your potential places for breakfast. Restaurants in Perth will often have a number of egg dishes available on their breakfast menu, which allow for omelettes, eggs Florentine or even French toast to be suited to vegetarians.

Yoghurt: This is another breakfast staple available in many places for breakfast. Restaurants in Perth will often have yoghurt available with fresh fruit or granola, which is a perfect vegetarian breakfast.
Continental breakfasts: Continental breakfast options will often be vegetarian. They will usually consist of pastries, eggs, cheese and breads. However, be on the lookout for meat additions to this breakfast option as some restaurants will serve their continental breakfast with cooked meats. Generally, restaurants will be only to happy to make this breakfast option vegetarian by omitting the meat.

Pastries: The traditional breakfast pastries such as croissants are usually vegetarian. Most breakfast restaurants will have a great selection of pastries, as they are a popular choice for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

Fruit and smoothies: There is nothing more appetising than a platter of fresh fruit for breakfast. Ideally your choice of restaurant will utilise local fresh produce, which will ensure that their fresh fruit is seasonal and delicious. Many restaurants offer fruit juices and smoothies which can be the perfect accompaniment to smaller breakfast items to create a complete meal.

House specials: When considering places for breakfast, restaurants in Perth will often have house specials even for their breakfast menu. These specials will usually have a vegetarian option among them. This could be a special chef designed dish through to something more basic yet delicious such as mushrooms on toast.

These are just some of the basic options which are usually available on a menu for vegetarians. However,  you may find that there is some degree of menu flexibility at your regular places for breakfast. Restaurants in Perth will often welcome dietary requirements such as vegetarians or gluten allergies and will be happy to accommodate them. It can be worth taking the time to speak to the management team at your favourite breakfast venue to see if they can accommodate your vegetarian friend further. They may be able to suggest regular menu items which are already or could easily be made vegetarian, or provide alternative options which the kitchen could prepare. Many chefs can easily create tasty vegetarian dishes which will ensure that your friend doesn't feel left out of a delicious breakfast. This will allow the whole group to relax and enjoy themselves while socialising and savouring a great breakfast out.

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