Painting for the Holidays: Deck the Walls

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    Dec 21, 2012
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We open our homes to many friends and family during the holiday season, which makes it a perfect time to refresh the look and feel of your interior spaces by painting with cozy colors.  A newly painted kitchen, dining room, or living area is an inexpensive way to impress visitors and make them feel welcomed into your home.  You may choose to re-color the entire space, or just by painting one accent wall in a room to add some holiday warmth.  Painting yourself can save some money if you have time and a little extra energy, or you can hire a professional painter to take care of everything from prep to cleanup for you.


Kitchens are often the ‘heart of the home’ and tend to be the main gathering place during holiday parties.  If your kitchen walls are looking dingy, dirty, or outdated, a new coat of paint can make a huge difference.  Popular painting colors for kitchens may be inspired by your favorite foods.  Are you excited by bold colors like bright cherry red or vibrant eggplant purple?  Or do you prefer more neutral tones like a warm buttery yellow or lightly toasted almond?  Painting with the perfect color can make your kitchen more appealing for your guests, and will continue to make the room a pleasure for you even after the holidays have passed.

When all the cooking is finished and it’s time to eat, your dining room will be the next stop for your guests.  As you sit down to enjoy your holiday feasts, let the warmth of the room encourage friendly conversation and joyful laughter.  Studies in psychology have shown how color can affect mood.  Reds and oranges are known to stimulate appetite and boost energy.  This makes them great wall colors for a dining room.  Painting the walls an earthy color like tan or cream is also a safe choice and can be more versatile for bold table settings.  The style of your home and size of your dining room may also play a role in making paint color choices.  If you’re having trouble finding the best fit for your room, the professional color consultants and experienced painters at CertaPro will be happy to help!

After a delicious meal, the next stop for your guests will likely be…the couch!  Your living room is another social area of your home that can benefit from painting a fresh new color for the holidays.  Lighter colors look clean and can make your space feel larger, while darker colors can feel very calming and cozy.  Many people choose to highlight an accent wall in the living room with their favorite bolder hue or to add a seasonal pop of color.  Preparation is very important in your living room so that you don’t accidentally splatter paint on anything.  If you decide to hire a painter to handle the job for you, you should expect careful preparation and respect for all your possessions.

Ultimately, you want to make sure your rooms feel warm and inviting for your guests during the holidays and throughout the year.  Consider your furniture, rugs, window treatments, and accessories when browsing your painting color choices to find one that matches your style and existing décor.  A new paint color can completely change the look and feel of a room in just a few hours and for a very reasonable cost, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional painter.

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