How to Make Deck Renovations and Deck Restorations

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    Sep 25, 2013
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How to Make Deck Renovations and Deck Restorations Photo by Frank Walmsley

You know your deck requires attention, at the very least it requires renovation and restoration but most folks tend to put off jobs they think are tough or best left to experts. If you thought that deck renovation and deck restoration was tough then know that the reality is quite different.

We'll show you how to renovate your Deck building services and restore it back to almost the same condition as when it was first built. We'll write on how you can remove old finishes, dirt, mildew and so on. It is also easy to apply a fresh finish and we'll tell you how the pro do it. So read on, choose a good day when you are free and in the mood for it and go to it.

The process we've outlined below, works on most timber build decking be it cedar, redwood, or pressure treated lumber. However, please don't use any of these methods for decks made from synthetic material. You will need to purchase a quality foam applicator from your nearest hardware store. You will also need to make sure you water pressure machine is working - test it out to make sure the hose pipes are still in order and have no cracks in it. If you don't have a water pressure machine just rent one (a 1200 PSI machine with a chemical intake port should do it).

The deck renovation and restoration we've outlined It will cost you roughly AUD 350. In comparison, having a pro do it will cost upwards of AUD 1,200.

Ingredients to deck renovation and deck restoration:

1. Deck stripper: Sodium hydroxide (or a deck stripping product with sodium hydroxide) Foam Applicator

2. Deck Brightener: Buy an oxalic acid-based deck brightener available at most hardware store and also at deck supplies.

3. Deck Stainer: Buy a good quality building deck stainer that suits the original colour of your deck.

If using sodium hydroxide, please mix with equal part water before use. If using a readymade deck stripper, follow printed instructions.

# 1 Deck Renovation and Deck Restoration - Prepare: Before you begin, if you have any vegetation near the deck, hose them with water and cover with plastic. Next, use the water pressure machine to thoroughly clean the deck.

# 2 Deck Renovation and Deck Restoration - Inspecting and repair: Once the deck is clean and dry, inspect it for cracks and or other damage and repair those. Look out for nails that have risen from the wood and hammer those down. Replaced any corroded nails, screws and fasteners.

# 3 Canberra deck renovations and Deck Restoration - Removing old warmish and stains: Once you are through with whatever repairs need to be done, pressure-wash the deck with the prepared deck stripper and when done, rinse the deck a couple of times with plain water so that any residual Canberra Deck stripper is washed away.

Tip: Keep the pressure hose 6 to 10 inches away from the wood and spray using a continuous, controlled motion. Keep moving so you don't gouge the wood. You may need to go over stubborn stains and mildew a few times. Tough stains can be removed by using Trisodium Phosphate (mix with water, leave for two minutes, rinse with water).

# 4 Deck Renovation and Deck Restoration - Restoration: Follow instructions and apply the deck brightener

Tip: Deck brighteners have less effect on pressure treated timber.

# 5 Deck Renovation and Deck Restoration - Stainer: Follow instructions and apply the deck Stainer. Apply it top-down and one section at a time.

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