How to Build a Deck

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    Jun 20, 2013
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How to Build a Deck Photo by Frank Walmsley

Building a deck is not too difficult provided you understand the basics and have the do-it-yourself attitude. A timber deck allows you to make the best use of the outdoors while also increasing your living space. Not only that, building a deck also gives your house the classy look without having to spend a large amount of money on a brick and mortar construction.

However, before you go ahead with your building a deck plans, make sure you are familiar with your local council regulations in terms of building decks and your timber deck plans confirm to the local building regulations. So, if you are ready to embark on your deck building project, here are some tips to get you started.

Research is the key

It is said that knowledge is power, so the first step would be to get all the information that you can find on how to go about canberra timber deck. There's plenty of material available online and of course, you could always go through magazines and books on the subject. Along with internet research, a good practice would be to visit your local timber decking supplies Canberra to see for yourself what options are available in terms of decking materials and other requirements. Your local research will also help you estimate the cost of building a deck while also revealing the availability of new technology and products that could be used.

What's your requirement?

Your building a deck plans should take into account your needs. Do you need a large deck to accommodate a dining area? What about protection from the elements? Do you want to put up a screen or would you prefer an open plan to take advantage of the scenic outdoors? While creating your timber deck plans it is crucial to consider the location of your property. Is it prone to bush fires? If so, consider decking materials that are fire resistant and durable.

Building a deck plans

Once you've decided on your requirements for a deck, the next step is to design a deck plans. Having drafting skills is a big plus, but if not, hires a draftsman to create the design for you. Building a deck plans will give you an idea of how the deck will look along with a fairly accurate estimate of the materials and the funds required. Modifications in your building decking plans, if necessary are easily possible at this stage.

Preparing the site

After you have drawn up the timber deck plans for building a deck and obtained the necessary approvals, you can begin construction. You might need to prepare the site, that is, clear it of debris, bushes and old structures. As much as possible, avoid felling trees – trees not only provide shade, but a nice overall ambience for your Hardwood timber decking.

Building a deck

The site is now ready for construction of a timber decking; make the footing holes and set up the posts. Then lay the bearers followed by the joists. The next step is to lay out the deck boards. Ensure that the screws or nails are properly fixed in the right places. Give the finishing touches to your timber deck with the help of sealant and paint, which is also a form of protection for the structure.

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