Wedding Videography in Ireland

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    Jan 02, 2013
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I have been a wedding videographer for the past number of years and have filmed hundreds of weddings all throughout Ireland. I thoroughly enjoy my job and love to meet new people and be a small part of their special day. The majority of people working in my industry are hard-working honest people. However, as with every industry, there cowboys looking to make a quick buck. In recent years it seems that there are more cowboys than actual professional wedding videographers. Before you part with your hard eared money be sure you have the right wedding videographer for your needs.

My advice to any couple who is getting married and contemplating hiring a wedding videographer is; start researching early, take the time to do your homework. Make sure you meet with the actual person who will be shooting your wedding and have a list of questions ready.Always ask to see a number of previous wedding videos they have completed.

1) Ask to see how the finished product is presented, looking at both the disc face and DVD box.
2) Does the videographer have any recommendations from previous clients.
3) What equipment do they use, ask to see their equipment.
4) How many weddings have they filmed, and have they filmed at your wedding location previously
5) Who will edit the footage, will they be using a third party?
6) Do they carry back-up equipment, just in case something goes wrong
7) Are they a registered business and adequately insured?

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and what better way to preserve that moment than through a wedding video. Recording your wedding day will let you, your family and your friends spend countless nights reliving the joy and excitement of the most special day of your lives by simply pressing a button on your remote control.

Getting a professional wedding videographer ensures you that every moment, every emotion is captured and preserved in your wedding video.

Make sure they are unobtrusive. A great wedding videographer won’t be noticed while still achieving everything needed to capture the big day. Ask if the videographer has experience at your ceremony and reception venues already.

Don’t feel as if you should just book the first wedding videographer who is available on your wedding day. Spend time looking around, remember this is your wedding day and you want the wedding video just right.

Enjoy your wedding Preparations!

Derek Lawless

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Derek Lawless is a professional wedding videographer based in Co. Wicklow. Derek is the proud owner of and has recently launched a brand new service in Ireland called the latter is the future of wedding videography and will change the face of traditional wedding videos in Ireland.

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