How Can I Quit Smoking When Everyone Around Me Smokes?

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    Oct 29, 2012
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Smokers who wish to quite the habit of smoking but are surrounded by friends and family who smoke may ask themselves the above question. As if quitting smoking is not hard enough, quitting smoking surrounded by people who smoke can be quite challenging. It not only requires you to be disciplined but also strong and determined for you may feel weak about yourself when you give in and start smoking again.

Whenever you make a vow not to smoke again, you find yourself smoking again because of the influence the other smokers have on you. Not only that, you find yourself close to the very same habit that you are trying very hard to quit; therefore making it easy to swing back to smoking. Those you have told you are quitting may stop believing you if you repetitively try to break your old habit but fail each attempt.

Ways to quit smoking when everyone around you smokes

To be successful, you require follow some simple but effective ways to quit smoking when everyone around you smokes.

1. Make a pact not to smoke with you
If you live with people who smoke but you are willing to quit you may talk about the situation together and make a pact. The pact could be not to smoke while with you or even in the house. You can make some rules that you can all follow to support you in your non-smoking quest.

2. Move out
When a pact does not work, moving out could be the best solution. You want to improve your lifestyle and to do so might require making some sacrifices for your life is worth it.

3. Avoid those who smoke
It may seem a bit difficult to avoid the people who smoke but it can be done. You can avoid them for certain duration until you are sure you won't relapse.

4. Non-Smoking medication
Talk to your doctor about any effective non-smoking medication and get a prescription. The medicines are used to help curb the craving to light up. With the right prescription, you may not feel any craving even if you go out drinking with people who smoke.

5. Do not buy any smokes
The more you think about a cigarette, the more you want to have one. Since you won't have any cigarettes, you will not light up any time any where as you would if you had some. Asking for cigarettes from your friends or strangers will annoy them and gets old quickly.

6. Nicotine Anonymous
You may try visiting any of the groups that help persons quit smoking. This may not only help you in quitting but also you will not feel like a loner. You can access good group support as well as make brand new friends whom you share the desire to quit smoking.

7. Chew lots of gum
Ensure you have gum in your pocket. Chew as much as possible to distract yourself from thinking about smoking when you're with your friends or family members who smoke. You may not feel the desire to ask for a cigarette since chewing gum is an addiction displacement activity.

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