December 21, 2012 , Can This Be The End ?

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    Dec 11, 2012
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December 21, 2012 has been predicted to mark 'the end' as said by the Mayan calendar. The end coincides with the last day of the Mayan calendar. Other religious groups and sects have made similar predictions. It is said that a planet (Planet x) is on a near collision course with Earth. Such passing is said to be capable of throwing the Earth off its rotating axis which has happened before and is a 6000 year occurrence. It is attributed to the north pole once being in Texas previously and THE DINOSAUR EXTINCTION. In preparation of 'the end' several things are evident. The government has done everything to suppress knowledge of such for fear of riots and anarchy. Uncontrollable looting and crime would certainly be the order of the day.  

There are many visible preparations. It is said that most of the city of Las Vegas and many states, house underground cities equipped for living. The same exist worldwide. A SPACE PLAN HAS BEEN ACCELERATED to house the fortunate in space. As anyone can see, something is amiss. The Bible claims that the world will climax as we know it with the coming of Christ. It also says that he will come as 'a thief in the nights'. The Government is getting prepared for the worst, shouldn't you?  

It also gives mention of the 7 seals in Revelations. By my recollection, we are at the 6th. The 6th seal is represented by HAARP. A device/program located in Alaska that operates on sophisticated technology based on wave energy. It was primarily built to intercept incoming missiles / asteroids but other uses have been found. Among its usage is weather manipulation, the formation of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and even mind alteration. Hurricane Sandy and the recent quake in South America come to mind.                                                                        

With all this going on around us, how can we not be in a state of readiness? My first bit of advice is the simplest...get closer to God. The second thing involves you and your family. Make sure that they are protected by all means. I have prepared a short list and have cross reference it with several similar ones.

Here goes:  

1. Identification for all family members should be kept together in a safe place and in a transparent, waterproof zip lock container/bag. This makes identification much easier which might be needed to enter FEMA Camps if necessary or in the event a family member is lost.

2. A safe, neutral place should be chosen to meet in case there is a split up or family need to meet up. A time is also a good idea.

3. Fresh Batteries should always be on hand to provide emergency lighting for flash light. It is not always going to be daylight.

4. Fresh water supply and plenty of canned food should be on hand. These are the basics needed in survival as addressed in my reference material.

5. Medication need to be on hand in adequate amounts, especially for the aged.

6. Matches may not seem important but they are. Especially for outdoor living, and candles. Always wear comfortable shoes. A knife should always be in your possession at all times just in case you need it. 

7. A portable radio to keep in touch with the outside world. Remember. Only carry the basics with you. Heavy items can hold you back and might not be necessary.  

These are some points I have made. I am sure that I've missed a few. Home invasions can be scary. Keep all doors secure. In case of natural disasters always have something to barter. Money is not always the best thing. When there is no place to spend it. It becomes useless. Find a safe environment for you and your family. There is always strength in numbers. Sharing and caring is the order of the day.  

Natural disasters are not the only cause of concern. Economic disaster is imminent. I don't mean to scare anyone but just examine the facts and the trends. Germany and others has been through it and it is not pretty.  

MASSIVE GOVERNMENT OVER BORROWING leads to eventual devaluation of the currency when loans are 'called in' and they cannot be repaid . Currency devaluation makes the money become useless followed by a sudden price rise and non availability of prized commodities. Items that we once took for granted become scarce. When we are no longer able to feed our families then rioting and stealing takes place. It is part of our rebellious nature. Civil unrest ensues. The government is prepared. Notice the presence of several thousands of 'plastic coffins' dotting the landscape across America. As is the several mass grave sites and the building of several incognito detention centers. Local police have begun training in riot maneuvers already with the expectation that it (the training) will be necessary.  

This commentary is non political. It doesn't matter your political views, which side of the fence you lie or in fact, where you are from. It is a fact that what happens in America eventually affects the entire world . If you are reading this from some part of Europe, Australia or indeed Africa, YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE. It will affect you eventually in some form if it hasn't already . As a matter of fact, the top soil in certain parts of Russia and Africa is so depleted that they cannot support certain crops and famine is becoming increasingly imminent. Australia is under attack by praedial larcenists who make a living from stealing produce and livestock. The world food needs are reaching a dire point. Monsanto is producing seeds that are genetically engineered/modified in an effort to feed the world population and in so doing, control it. The European Union is falling apart, several African nations are experiencing Civil War and America, well America is next. South America and Asia are experiencing weather patterns in the form of tsunamis, earthquakes, monsoons etc like never before.  

This is a break down of our food needs and is accompanied by the worlds chief suppliers.

1. Wheat- Russia, USA, Canada (Tundra region)

2. Beet Sugar- Russia, European

3. Cane Sugar- USA, Caribbean

4. Rice- China, Indian

5. Fruit-Fish-Meat- World wide  

Are you ready for the future? It is your duty to protect your love ones. Are you prepared? If everybody does their part, we can get through this.  Make preparations now as tomorrow is not promised. I hate being the bearer of bad news but look at it as me putting you on your guard. Just Google or visit YouTube to verify any of this information. It is there! 

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