Late Holiday Shopping, setting up a FREE Storefront on facebook.

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    Dec 11, 2012
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Christmas every year is always the same. From the 21st (providing the world does not end) to the 25th, shopping is expected to be nothing short of frantic. Pure bedlam as late shoppers, relieved that the Mayan prophecy was a big hoax, catch up on last minute shopping and try to buy up everything in sight.   This period will be quite profitable for store owners but the most profitable will prove to be the period 'after' the holidays.

Traditionally this is the time of year reserved for exchanges. Holiday gifts in the wrong color, size, function or just wrong completely. Savvy store owners should seize the time and the on-flow of new clients to aggressively offer other good or services in exchange and offer cheaper (less expensive) deals in an attempt of moving stagnated inventory . Fully capitalizing on the influx of post holiday traffic. Staff can be trained now in what to expect and how to cope. Not everyone has the patience and that resolve should be instilled BEFORE the bum rush begins. After all, jobs are hard to find and if this one can be extended, that's a good thing.  

Mail-order shopping has evolved into Internet buying and several companies are flourishing. Several popular retail outlets have made the switch and added a department to facilitate this kind of shopper. With a constant change of lifestyle, shipping companies like PS, Fed Xx and DHL have expanded to accommodate deliveries. eBay and Amazon have grown as have several smaller Internet concerns that do business in the same manner. With the addition of Facebook, it is only fitting that I add a link to set up your FREE Storefront using their platform (yes I said free and very easy. In 15 minutes it can be set up) and another link (not so free) to drive customers your way. A small price to pay to get started and join the rest of the world.

Its never too late! As promised, those links are attached:   Christmas shopping can be very tedious as is shopping on the whole. There is no fool proof way but I have found that making a skeleton list works. Starting from the most important person first and going down the line. It is always a good idea to leave certain names blank. Knowledge of sales and specials in the marketplace is important and times like POST Black Friday Sales should not be ignored. Toy shopping should be high on the list and take a couple of days (to avoid long checkout lines and product availability).   You can't go wrong if you stick to my basics: Love ones- female- jewelry (chains, rings, pendants, earrings) Love ones- male- appliances (shavers, tools, accessories) All adults- perfume, cologne. Kids- toys (educational / other), books, how to videos. General- needs   Gift buying should be a very thoughtful process which requires creativity on your part. Once this criteria is met, appreciation for your efforts will be met and that alone brings a smile to your face.

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