The Leading Political Figures in the US and the UK

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    Jan 26, 2013
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The constitution is supreme Law in the US. State and local laws have to conform to it. Acts of Congress signed by the president must also conform to it. The constitution defines the law of the US government and it establishes the US federal system of government. It established three branches of government: the legislative branch, (Congress and support agencies), executive branch (the president and executive bureaucracy) and judicial (the US Supreme Court and other federal courts).

It is legal document which protects the basic rights of the US citizens. It guarantees people certain civil liberties and rights. These liberties and rights are written in the Bill of Rights.

UK can be said to have a constitutional system without a constitution because it has no written constitution contained in one document. The constitution has several elements. These are statue Law (Acts of Parliament); common Law or jodge-made Law; conventions and some ancient documents like Magna Carta. Most of these elements are in written form and they are flexible enough to respond quickly to new conditions.

Contemporary Britain has “multi-level government” model. It is often described as a constitutional monarchy. Royal executive power no longer exists. However, the monarch is still formally the head of state, head of executive judiciary and legislature, “supreme governor” of the Church of England and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The queen has three constitutional rights: to be kept informed to advise and to warn. The queen still posses the power to choose and appoint UK Prime Minister. The monarch assumes neutral political position; but the Prime Minister is the most important person in UK politics. The British Prime Minister is the political leader of the UK and he has a great influence on the political party from which his powers come. He is the head of the majority party in Parliament and this party always gives him support and loyalty.

On the other hand US President has no direct links with his party. However, the US President has the position of supremacy in domestic politics. The President nominates the highest officials in the executive branch. He nominates the secretaries and assistant secretaries who lead the departments. The UK Prime Minister also selects the politicians he will work most clearly with.

The President has to fight to achieve support. Loyalty is not guaranteed in the US system. The US President has more power when it comes to Foreign Policy. The constitution gives him the role of the Foreign Policy Dictator. In terms of domestic Policy the UK Prime Minister has more important role. The Prime Minister and the President are both the head of policy implementation within their countries. While in the UK the Prime Minister shares his power with his cabinet, the President does not.



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