How to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

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    Feb 18, 2014
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If you are like many people around the country, chances are pretty good you have some things planned for the next few months. It could be a trip to kick back and relax and try to forget this crazy winter, or a business trip, perhaps there are some sleepovers for children’s birthdays, or a gathering at a friend’s house. It can be anywhere. The point is that anywhere you go comes with the risk of bringing bed bugs back to your house.

Here are a few prevention tips that can make certain they do not take up residence with you over the colder months.

- Change Your Sheets Regularly! You probably got this advice from your mother too, but for an entirely different reason. Changing your sheets routinely gives you a good chance to inspect your bed every week. You can take a look for telltale spots of blood on the sheets where the bed bugs might have a feast during the week. You can also take a closer look at your mattress to decide whether you spot any bugs or any signs of the bugs.

- Look Out for Secondhand Anything! While lots of people are worried about bed bugs on secondhand furniture, and rightfully so, don’t forget that anything you bring into your home could come loaded with bed bugs. From your briefcase that you left at work to your child’s backpack to the great outfits you just picked up from your sister-in-law’s garage sale, bed bugs could appear on almost anything you drag into your house. They’re excellent hitchhikers.

- Careful Travels Are a Must! If you’re going to be traveling anywhere this winter, be vigilant. As soon as you reach your destination or just a spot to sleep on the way there, be sure you pull back the sheets and take a look at the mattress seams. The corners are a must. Stains and spots always spell a bed bug infestation. If anything is suspect, contact the management right away. You may either want a change of room or a change of hotel. Don’t stop at the bed, though. Take a look all the way around the room, including behind the headboard or even on the sofa. If you see any pests at all, make a change. When you change rooms, be sure you don’t just move to the adjacent room, as the bed bugs can move around quite a bit. You may even want to think about encasing your suitcase in plastic while you’re there. When you return home, inspect your luggage carefully. Wash all of your clothes on hot, and vacuum out your suitcase.

Bed bugs do not really care what the weather is like outside because they know it’s going to be nice and warm in your house. Keeping them out is a lot easier than getting rid of them once they’re in, so stay on the alert throughout the cold weather season.

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