It is the Basics on Bed Bugs

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    Jun 13, 2014
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Before making recommendations on bed bug removal or treatment, it makes sense to start with bed bug prevention.  Bed bugs don’t just appear – they enter the home in luggage, in clothing, or in other personal belongings.  This is especially true after travelling, or visiting a place that already has bed bugs.  Moving from one home to another is a common way for bed bugs to “hitch-hike” a ride to the new location.  Quite simply, bed bug prevention begins with awareness:  checking luggage contents before unpacking; examining hotel mattresses when travelling; inspecting used furniture before accepting; and thoroughly washing second hand clothing.  Even more basic - used mattresses should be totally avoided.

For the layperson, initial detection of a bed bug problem is only step one.  The truth is, a bed bug infestation is often hard to source - these are elusive little creatures, and just plain hard to find.  So when it comes to bed bug removal in Toronto, it’s best to deal with experts. A variety of domestic products are available today, although the average person knows little about their effectiveness, and their potential side effects. But with a pest control expert on board, detection and exposure is comprehensive, with the right tools and equipment, and with the necessary skills and expertise.  An expert knows what will best solve the problem. 

For bed bug removal in Toronto, the application of chemicals is not always the best option.  Many people are sensitive to chemicals, may have an allergy, or even have health issues like asthma.  That’s why the option of bed bugs heat treatment in Toronto has become a popular alternative.  The heat-treatment approach is safe and eco-friendly – it makes use of a method that raises the temperature in and around the bed bug infestation.  This method of heat treatment creates a “thermal death point” for bed bugs, and is often fully effective with a single treatment.  A pest control expert, with the appropriate equipment, can eradicate the infestation, and do it in a cost-effective fashion.

For those dealing with bed bugs in Toronto, whether a homeowner or a business owner, it’s important to be informed and educated – not only about bed bugs, but also about remedies. At Bed Bugs and Beyond, we believe that being informed is the key to deterrence – it involves identification of bed bugs, but more importantly, averting their arrival into the home.  Bed Bugs and Beyond has the established reputation to offer customers a 90-day-guarantee on work performed, along the experience and expertise to assist each customer from the start of the process to the finish. In short, dealing with the experts delivers results.

If you suspect a problem, and find yourself in need of bed bugs treatment in Toronto, it pays to deal with professionals in the field.  It’s a matter of having the expertise to detect and identify an infestation, and the technical skills to solve the problem effectively, and for the long term.  In the GTA and in surrounding communities, Bed Bugs and beyond is the answer.

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