How to sell pictures, drawings and other images online

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    May 07, 2013
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How to sell pictures, drawings and other images online Photo by Yogi Baba

How to sell pictures, drawings and other images online

If you happen to take a lot of good photographs or even if you just like drawing, doodling or a mixture of both, you will be pleased to know that there are many companies online that will pay you for doing just this. If you have a camera and take various pictures of pets, fruit, trees, sunsets or anything else that you can think of then you can put this to good use and make some real money from it.

A lot of people are talented at drawing images or good at artwork but don't know how to make a profit from them and this is the easiest and quickest way of doing it. Many people are not aware of just how popular their photos or drawings could be and that there are sites like this out there for them to profit from.

How it works

You take photos, drawings or doodles of anything that you think could interest someone. Then you upload it to one of these sites and then put it up so thousands of people can view it, and then if they like your photo or image they will pay you for it. The company will take a small cut of the commission for putting it on their sites and then they will give you your cut of the money.

You can use the same photos over and over again so you can make various amounts of money just from one photo or image. What happens is that website owners are looking at all sort of different photos to put on their websites and when they see something that they like, they click on it and use your photo. You then get paid, its as easy as that.

Not everyone is aware that these sites exist and that they can bring you in a lot of money just from doing something that you like. So if you are a a keen photographer or like to draw then why not look up some of these sites and start uploading your drawings of your pets or fruit or trees. When you are taking photos its nice to know that someone may benefit from using them and that you will also benefit from the extra income.

A steady stream of income

Just imagine that you can take photos of some really good places, maybe when you are on holiday or walking through the woods, a waterfall or anything that is nice to look at, then you log onto one of the websites and upload your photos.

You wait and then maybe a couple of days later you get someone who has seen your photos or drawings and want it for their website so pay you for it. It really is that easy. The next day or so another one of your pictures has been paid for and so on. If you upload several a week then you can see how you can earn a steady income from it.

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