Painting Antique Designs Just With the Help of Instant Coffee Powder

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    Sep 23, 2012
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Viewing my articles you can easily draw an attractive but less expensive picture.

In this painting you can paint temples, statues, figure of ladies, animals and historical monuments as Twin tower, Temples,etc., It will take only a few hours. If we mix glue and glass in the coffee water mixture it will give a better result. Nowadays canvas boards are available readily in the shop and we bought that and your time will be saved.

After the completion of the painting apply a coat of glue and glass, so that your picture will be long lasting. If you wish you can decorate the painting with mini jewellery stones. 3D paint, or some sort of golden thread.Materials required are as follows:- 1.canvas cloth 2. hardboard 3 instant coffee powder 4.water 5.painting brush 6.glue and glass solution 7.decoration materials if required.

Working steps:-First of all take the canvas cloth with 12 inches breadth, and 18 inches height . Now paste the canvass cloth with the help of white gum on the hardboard with out any smashes. Then let it dry for an hour.

Now take the design paper. Place the yellow carbon on the cloth and then place the design paper on that . Place the tape on four corners so the design could not move while tracing. Now trace the design. Remove the carbon and design paper. Take some instant coffee powder and mix it with water and made a thick paste. Now apply that thick paste on the outlines neatly with the help of the brush. Let dry for thirty minutes.

Now dilute the coffee paste with water . Apply the diluted mixture on the interior part of the picture. Let dry for one hour. The parts of eyes , nose etc should be drawn darkly . Now you can start to decorate if you wish. Without decoration it will give 100% antique look .Decorate with small stones, and 3D colors. Really you will be surprised at your picture!

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