How To Apply For A Thailand Employment Visa For Indians

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    Jul 14, 2014
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How To Apply For A Thailand Employment Visa For Indians Photo by Yogesh Verma

Thailand is an upcoming thriving country and providing countless opportunities for employment. If you are visiting the country for the purpose of employment there are a few things you will require. You will need a work permit and an employment visa Thailand. Here we tell you how to apply for a Thailand visa especially if you are a citizen from India.

Step 1: fill up the application form

You will first have to get an application form either from the visa application center or from the official website. Once you have the form, you must fill it with accurate details of yourself and without any mistakes. Once this form is completed you will have to submit it with a list of documents and your passport

Step 2: gather all the necessary papers and credentials

For the employment visa Thailand, you will need to gather a certain set of documents that are essential for the visa application. The following list is the requirements:
• Your passport with 6 month validity. You will also require two opposite pages to be free as the Thai stamp takes up a single page.

• Two recent photographs

• Original letter from employer/ company indicating intention for travelling with name of Thai company or organization

• Copy of Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Labor if you have previously worked in the Kingdom. If you are working for the first time, you will need to apply for a work permit once you reach the country.

• Statement of personal income tax if you previously worked in the country.A bank statement if you are new

• Letters of recommendation from previous employers

• Confirmed entry tickets

Additionally, the company has to provide these documents alongside the above mentioned ones:
• The original WP3 from the department of employment, ministry of labor, or the letter from the board of investment

• Original invitation letter on the company’s letter head and signed by the authorized person with a copy of the ID card or Passport.

• The employment contract and reason for hire.

• Certificate of business registration and business license issued no more than 6 months before, with the list of shareholders

• Statement of Income Tax and Business Tax of the company

• Value-added tax registration

• Balance sheet from past year

• Financial statement/ balance sheet from past year

• Company profile/ details of business operation

Step 3: submit application and wait for approval

Once you submit all the documents and applications at the visa center, you will have to wait for the approval process. This can take anywhere between 3- 5 days. The travel dates should be at a minimum seven working days from the date of submission at Thailand visa application centre. You will have to pay a fee of Rs. 3600 via a demand draft only for the Employment Visa Thailand. The validity of the visa is for 3 months and you are permitted to stay for less than 90 days, unless otherwise instructed by the immigration bureau.

Once you get your approval for the employment visa, you must apply for work permit once you reach the country. Your company will help in this process.

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