Incredible India Trip Discover the Country of Diversities

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    Jul 15, 2014
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Incredible India Trip Discover the Country of Diversities Photo by Swamy Nayar

India is not just a country dwelled by people who follow single faith and speak one single language. The Indian cultural tradition is unique. It possesses the diversity of all kinds, yet it has the power to hold the differences together in the most beautiful way. The country is the home to the natives belonging to different ethnicities, speaking different languages, eating different cuisines and believing in different belief sets. But more than just linguistic distinctions, the diversity here permeates deep into the lifestyles, occupational pursuits, inheritance and succession laws, favourite pastimes, together with local practices and rituals related to social beliefs and values.
One of the most religiously diverse nations in the world, India is remarkably famous for its cultural and geographical diversity. The diversity is not only the distinctive aspect of the country, but also is its prized wealth. Tourists come for frequent trips just to have the best of both the worlds in terms of its rich culture and varied geography.
Incredible India is the home of numerous ethnic groups, each characterized by its own set of beliefs, language and culture. The beauty of the country lies in its people. They are tolerant, liberal and receptive of each other’s beliefs. The diverse threads of the country come up together beautifully to bring out a vibrantly attractive cultural fabric. This is the beauty of India as a destination that offers heartwarming blend of hospitality and culture in the most intricate way.
Geographically, the nation again possesses the most astonishing facts that make it unique. The seventh largest country in the world again has the diversity of landforms such as lofty mountains, astonishing valleys, fertile plains, islands. It is surrounded by the mountains in the north and southern side is enclosed by the three vast seas. In the north, the Himalayas are the highest mountain range stretching over many cities and even countries like Nepal and Bhutan. Towards the east of the country is the Bay of Bengal and to the west is the Arabian Sea. Both of the seas join Indian Ocean and create a confluence of three seas, another unique phenomenon to India. 
Apart from mountains and seas, the country also has fertile plains that not only contribute to its productivity, but also bring in the presence of lush farmlands. Contrastingly, the nation also has a corner where dry deserts also have a colourful and unique presence. 
With such a great variety of landscape comes the variety in climates and seasons as well. At a single time, no two destinations in the country have similar weather. The climate varies from hot to cold, humid to dry. This variation also brings up a rich variety for travelling as well. During a single trip, tourists can enjoy two or more different climates. It is a USP that no other country can match.
In short, India is culturally and geographically diverse destination rich in potentials of all sorts. It is truly an incredible mix of beliefs, religions, culture, climate, landscapes and regions. Together, this bundle of contradictions results in a highly rewarding incredible India trip.

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