Types Of Visa In Thailand

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    Apr 17, 2014
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Types Of Visa In Thailand Photo by Yogesh Verma

There are several types of non-diplomatic Thai visas that the Thailand Embassy and the Consulate can issue. It could get confusing for first timers due to minor variations, though. So, these are very generic types of visas. You will need to continue your research to understand more about the type of Thai visa you seek.

• Tourist visa for Thailand

If you are a resident from the list of 48 countries that can avail tourist visa exemption, you can enter Thailand without tourist visa for 30 days. But you must carry 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 Baht per family as proof of sufficient finances for the duration of the stay. Residents from the rest of the countries can acquire tourist visa via Thai embassy or consulate. 

• Business visa for Thailand

This is the toughest via to get. Royal Thai embassy or consulate wants to ensure that these services are not otherwise available in the country before they offer Work visa. The Business visa for business or investment purposes requires proof of business and investment activities.

• Transit visa for Thailand

This is very similar to Thailand tourist visa. Most nationals won’t need it, if you are qualified for a visa waiver.

• Non immigrant visa for education

The easiest way to get this kind education visa for Thailand is to show a letter of acceptance from any reputed Thai college or school. You will also need to get familiar with the local language and the long term stay of this kind would necessitate that. With the right supporting documents, Thai education visa is easy.

•  Non immigrant visa for medical care

Medical tourism is highly lucrative and expanding industry. Thailand is a very rewarding destination for these trips for three reasons:

o Thailand has high standard medical treatment centres that follow international standards of medical treatment and post-treatment care.

o Thai tourism is most friendly and hospitable towards medical tourists. The specialist travel agencies offer the best of their services to these tourists. Thai spa is one of the best services in such packages that would offer much greater relief to the medical travellers.

o Thai visa processes are much less stringent and welcoming, which allows easy visa processing and quick gateway to Thailand. 

• Other non-immigrant visas

There are a lot of different visas that you need to acquire to stay in Thailand for very specific purposes. Do you want to retire in Thailand? That’s great choice. B u, you need to get specific visa for it. How about getting married to Thai national? You would need to submit that marriage certificate and other details to acquire the visa that would allow you to continue to stay in this country. You are a journalist, who is doing a story on Thailand? You need visa for that.

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