The 'Yuvraj' of Controversies

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    Mar 01, 2013
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He is known for his audacious antics on the field; he takes risks without so much as batting an eyelid; he works hard and parties harder; he is the poster child for chronic bachelorhood; he never backs down without a fight; he is the enormously talented Yuvraj Singh. ‘Brave’ as well maybe his middle name because even in the face of a life threatening disease, he chose to face the debacle head on and fight it till he stood victorious. His battle with cancer and the chance recovery has been nothing short of a miracle and India was only too happy to receive him back with open arms.

Yuvraj Singh profile is known for four things: one, he is a prominent left handed batsman; two, he is also a very capable left arm orthodox spinner; three, he is regarded as one of the best fielders with an excellent aim at the stumps; four, he is the ‘prince’ of controversies. Dubious news follows him like a plague wherever he goes. Since there is no such thing as bad publicity, Yuvraj has been more than generous to take things in his strides. What many might see as a stumbling block in their career is just another insignificant bump on the road for this Indian cricket player.

To start off, there is his general fondness for flirtation which makes him a hit among the ladies. He has been linked to numerous females in the course of his career, some of whom were famous Indian actresses. He was rumored to be in relationship with Bollywood star Deepika Padukone for a while till the paparazzis hounded them in to a strong exposition that they are just platonic friends. Then there was the whole ‘kiss on the neck’ bit which involved Preity Zinta. But Yuvraj is not one to be bogged down by such silly concoctions. Instead he moved on with a prettier and sexier actress.

Yuvraj is infamous for his piping temper. In 2008, that famous temper of his landed him in trouble with Union Minister Dilip Ray’s son- Sandeep Ray. Rumor has it that Yuvraj made some uncouth remarks which doid not sit well with Mr. Ray. In 2011, a cold war broke out between Suresh Raina and Yuvraj. The story well known in the Indian cricket team is as follows. Raina was selected to captain the One Day International Series team and Yuvraj being senior to Raina, did not want to play under his captaincy.

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